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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Latest Happenings...

Greetings... Happy Fall!

I see it is time to get on here and post about what's new! Summer is gone but I am left with so many lovely memories from it. I had a great summer full of mini trips, friend and family visits and much more! I love Fall but am reluctantly telling summer goodbye.

I want to share my newly finished Prim Gingerbread, I used the pattern for the little ginger in my new Winter Thyme pin cushion pattern for this one and added it to this rusty bucket! This shows yet another way you can use the pattern. She fit so nicely in this bucket I went with it. The size of this ginger would lend itself to many kinds of containers, it just takes a bit of imagination. 

The bucket is 3 1/2 inches high by 5 inches in diameter. Using the instructions from that pattern, make up your ginger and apply her baked finish. Glue her into any rusty container she will fit in. I glued cinnamon stick pieces around her body and glued a cinnamon stick and pip berries in her hands. Her buttons are Allspice. She has chenille stems for arms that have a coating applied for added stiffness. As you can see I also changed up the frosting a little bit on this one! 

The darling graphic I used came from Deena Davis of Ewe N Me Printables. Deena has so many fun things on her site, check her things out! I printed the graphic, cut it out and applied with mod podge. Once that is dry add another coat or two of mod podge over the top with a brush and some slightly thinned down matte mod podge. Outline the sign with more mod podge and sprinkle fine glass glitter on before it dries. I sugared/glittered the whole thing in fine glass glitter. This little guy is now for sale in my Etsy store for any who may be interested. This will most likely be a one only, I just cannot make myself do more than one of pretty much anything! LOL

This is my latest pattern... a darling scarecrow that holds an LED battery operated candle. I am calling this the Let Your Light Shine Series because I plan on making other types down the road. I am planning on a snowman and ginger for sure. The problem always seems to be time with me and getting enough of it to do what I see in my mind to do! He uses my 4 inch LED taper candles! He is pretty easy to do as well. He is for sale on all my selling sites. I am including in the pattern a full sheet of tags with different fall saying for you to choose to use with him.

Here is a fun project I just finished! This is now for sale on my Etsy page. This One-Of-A-Kind LED taper holder was made by me using a recycled oil bottle. This bottle is filled with candy cane chenille stems, snowflakes, snowballs, mica, glass glitter and irridescent shards! The bottle has such a nice frosty look , you really cannot see that in the picture. I added German glass glitter to the outside of the glass on the upper and lower portions. There is ribbon and loopy fabric at the top that I also generously added glass to! The candle is covered in German glass and removable. I really think this turned out with such a neat look. Take a look at your next empty bottle, perhaps you will see a project instead of throwing it away!

 I want to say that the little rusty pans I am using in my ginger and snowman pin cushion pattern I cannot get right now. I am very sorry to say that my supplier is out so I am unable to order at this time. I will however have them again and will stock up when I have the chance.

I also want to let all who were following my things on PFATT Marketplace that I am no longer on that selling page. Loved being a part of it but for now I will sell my things on my own. When I do add hand made items I will use my newsletter, Facebook, blog etc.. to announce it.

In other news I want to share that my work will be published for the third time In Prims!!! It is such an honor to be a part of such a wonderful publication. My lady bug and bee dolls will be featured in the January issue.

That is all I know for now! Thanks for stopping by


  1. I'm going to get up in a minute and look for a glass jar! heehee! That really did turn out beautiful! And I'm loving all of your pretty gingies and snowmen. How great to be part of Prim again, too! You are amazing my friend! Sweet hugs, Diane

  2. I love how you've used my printable label on your ginger. Looks great!!... well... ALL of your things look great!!


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