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Friday, May 16, 2014

Checking in..

Well it has been a slow start to summer around here, sun is wanting to shine finally. The morning frost has finally only just now left us, I have not planted flowers yet because of it, I will soon though.

If it seems as though any artsy activity has stopped around here it is because it has. For quite some time now I have been having a dry spell with my creativity, why? I have no idea, it just came upon me and has not yet left. I am not panicking too much since I know this can be a pattern for most creative types. I have had this happen before and know it mostly likely will come back as fast as it left.

 For no reason at all I cannot sit down for any length of time to create, I end up walking out of my room in frustration. The ideas are not flowing, I simply have none, now if any of you can relate to that one, well it is sooooooo completely frustrating. My mind at the moment is blank, I try but the more I force it the worse off it is. I will have to wait patiently for the ideas for new patterns to flow again. At times the ideas effortlessly flow and when they don't it is less then pleasant!

I did try to do a bit of sculpting again to see what would happen, well I am not sure I like what came about, so the piece sits and waits. Does your mood come off onto your work? I think it does. I started another pattern, thought I had an idea for it but halfway through I have no idea how to finish it. So hopefully soon I can be productive again! I am not finished by any means, just taking a forced break!

This is a time for reflecting, doing things I don't always allow myself to do. Usually when I cannot produce I feel so guilty like I am letting my customers down, I will have to let that go and hope they will be there when I am back. I do think we are our own worst enemies, we are so hard on ourselves when in reality no one else really is!

What else have I been doing, well I have enjoyed Mother's day visiting with family, took a mini trip, puttered around with the hubby, going for long walks etc... :-)

I did update my Etsy and Website with a few new supply items I will share here. The first are Solar Mason Jar Lids!

These lids are wonderful! they fit on any standard sized mason jars and have rechargeable batteries that re-charge with the sun. There are so many fun things to do with lit jars! I will post pics. when I do some of them up. Some of them are: Garden lights, kids nightlights, snowman scent, holiday scenes etc...

Next up is the addition of another color added to my LED grungy taper collection. Black is the color, I wasn't too sure about ordering this but absolutely LOVE the look of them and see I should have had them from the get go. I know offer 5 wonderful colors! They are timered which means they go on for  6 hours and off for 18. LOVE THESE!

I now offer both crows and star tissue paper packets. 

I also added this adorable Rusty Fat Kettle, this has such a nice rustic pioneer kitchen look to it! This can be used for an arrangement, pillar candle holder, or put anything you can think of in it. I love how well these container take paint if any of you are interested in that part of it. 

This rusty pan is such an adorable size, 1.5 high by 6" diameter! This would make a neat votive or tea light pan, candy dish, potpourri dish or a base for a hand made pin cushion!

I am starting out with small quantities of new items to see first if they will be received well, then will order larger amounts if they do. 

I have posted so little that I am not even sure anyone reads my blog anymore, if you do check in well thank you! 

Have a happy day!


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