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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

New bunny pattern LED taper candles and more

I don't know about you but when you think Spring is coming and you look outside to see yet another snow fall, well that is discouraging! All I can say is.... REALLY! Winter just does not want to go once and for all. So I sit here yet another day with the fire going and sweater on.

For happier news, I want to announce that my latest Spring bunny pattern is done, her name is Dixie. This girl is a big one at 29" tall! She is sporting a clay nose and teeth, her body is made of brushed flannel. In this pattern you will see a bit different method for coloring this bunny due to the fact that her fabric is fuzzy. I hope you like her as much as I do! This actual doll is for sale right now on on my selling page if anyone is interested in owning her.

This side view of her shows that her face is dimensional because of her separately sewn and attached muzzle!

If you like candles I do have a new supply in of my great quality LED primitive taper candles in both 4 and 7 inch. These are timers so they go off 18 hours and on 6 automatically. Love the grungy look of these candles! Here are the colors with the addition of my newest color brown.

Check these new LED 7 inch tapers out! I love these candles, they are the same great quality as the tapers above except they have crows on them, cut huh? They come in a pack of 2 candles. I show them here in holders that have my dried orange peels in them.

Next is my new Cinnamon Bun candles, they look good enough to eat! They are huge too! The throw is very nice, not too strong and over-bearing at all. I am burning one now and I am impressed with how they burn. The melt pool stays right in the middle and the outside stays nice and firm. 

Want to make your own candle display? Well this one can be done by finding an antique dessert/tea tray and an old or new spoon in a small size like shown here. To make the coffee or tea permanent simply buy some resin at the craft store and tint it to coffee or tea color, let it set up in the cup. Glue the cup to the tray if you want to as well as the spoon if you want to keep it all in place. Now you have a tray to display your candles! When this one is done burning I'll put a fresh one on. :-)

Here is the candle after several hours of burn time. 

This shows the candle the next day and I burned this one all morning long , the melt pool still is in the middle and staying contained. The secret to this or any candle burning nicely is to always trim those wicks to 1/4" or less so the flame stays small and it will keep it from smoking. 

These items can be found in my Etsy store or website!

Thanks for stopping by and seeing what's new! 

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