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Saturday, January 25, 2014

A few new supplies

Well I got a few new supplies in and posted to my website tonight. The first two are putka pods which look just like mini pumpkins, they are really cute, then I have some dried orange slices. When I order something for the first time I am always a bit cautious with the amounts but after seeing them I do believe I will order more next time around. I put them in wide mouth canning jars and with the addition of a rusty lid, homespun bow and a rusty heart it turned these jars into a sweet kitchen accent! Take a peek.
Now isn't that lovely looking?
These are fascinating little things aren't they? They are a naturally grown pod and literally they look like little pumpkins!
I have everything on my website except the glass canning jars for anyone to make one of these jars up.
Here are some sweet punched tin ornaments I now have for sale, yes I know it isn't Christmas but that's okay. They are a nice size! I can picture having them hang off of a snowman or gingers arm or whatever comes to mind. These rusty tin things really take acrylic paint well, without any prep even. I may experiment with some frosting and glass glitter on the ginger and some glitter on the mitten.
Finally have these rusty pots in for those wanting to make up my coffee pot cuties pattern. I again want to say that any container with a similar size would work however. I have then both on my website or etsy shop.
He is a cutie huh? I am not sure what project he will be incorporated in but I will be using it. If you water down some orange acrylic paint then brush it onto this pumpkin it would be a neat way to add that pumpkin hue if you want. I would probably then spray him with a folk art matte spray.
Lastly I have made more progress on my lady bug pattern! She now has wings and legs, still needs arms but it won't be long now. She is really looking cute! I need to stay home long enough to get these things done. It is amazing how fast a week can go isn't it? I is also amazing how little one can actually get done even with good intentions!
I would love suggestions on what type of tutorial you may want me to do next, it really has been a long time since I have done one. I am open to any suggestions!
Well I am off to get some shut eye, I just wanted to share these latest tidbits.
Have a great Sunday!


  1. I love the orange slices and putka pods in the jars. They really do add color and charm and I like the rusty things to use with handmade creations, too. You've got some great ideas my friend. I guess a tutorial on whatever you're working on would be nice. Hugs!

  2. Hi Miss Jody!! Love the new items. Can't wait to see your Ladybug! She is going to be FANTASTIC!! XOXO LeeAnn

  3. Hi Jody! I love creating with those putka pods! They make great fall garlands and are easy to thread with cinnamon sticks and mini pine cones! Love your rusty items too...they are getting harder to find now! Ilene


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