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Monday, July 22, 2013

printable tags


Well I don't know about you but this summer is shaping up to be a hot one! We have been pushing 100 for awhile now and will be continuing for a good time more. I am grateful for air-conditioning that's for sure. I have been enjoying seeing all the little newborn deer babies lately, I have lots in my area so there are plenty of new babies running around. Been watering what flowers I have everyday with this heat and competing with the deer that do think flowers are yummy to eat!

Because of the heat and my craft room not sharing in the air-conditioning, I have not spent too much time in there. I managed to finish Little Boo's pattern and tried my hand at creating a couple of tags which I will show here. I think summer is the hardest time to settle down and get serious about creating, at least for me it is. I know you are all probably tired of hearing that from me!

I am on week 3 of Nutrisystem and I have to say it isn't half bad to do, not too painful. So far I am able to handle it and haven't been too hungry thankfully! I haven't paid too much attention to the scales over the last couple years and when I finally did I was shocked!! Before you know it the pounds can just pack on, they are sneaky buggers! I wish I had got on this bandwagon about 20 lbs ago but as they say better late than never. I do think the most valuable thing I will take away from this is learning portion control, we eat way more than we should. I will use this newly learned info. to my benefit when I need to maintain the weight loss. Okay enough of this depressing subject...:-)

This is my latest project, a set of tags that gives you three each of two designs. I drew the designs out and colored them. These tags are 2.5 inches by 5 inches, so pretty large. These are fun to embellish with glitter or distressing inks! They can be found on all my selling venues. Here is the samples

I have been selling the stuffing forks I love so much, but want to let you all know that I will no longer be able to carry them myself due to shipping cost constraints. I still recommend them however since they will make your stuffing projects way easier!
Did you know that E6000 glue is now in spray form? I have not used it yet but for those of you that use E6000 glue may just find this news to be welcome! I will let you all know how I like it when I am able to apply it to a project.
I hope you are all filling your summers with family, barbeques, camping and other fun events. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. The tags are so cute! And congrats on your healthy eating plan. It's hard to keep the weight off....that's for sure. I don't over eat but I sure love some foods that aren't good for me. I try to be diligent all along the way and I weigh every day to keep a check. It's worth it and I know you'll do great! I'm proud of you! Sweet HUGS!!!

  2. Hello Jody! Thanks for visiting my blog :)
    I must say, it's hot hot hot in our neck of the woods as well. I've added a fan along with the ac in my house. The heat doesn't seem to bother our fur babies much though.

    Oh my goodness, pass the discipline and self control for the weight loss please... lol. I'm lacking in those areas! Good luck to you with your weight loss :) You can do it!


  3. Your work is truly amazing, I admire your talent so much! It sure has been a hot summer, I need to shed a few pounds, congratulations on your weight loss. Have a wonderful rest of the summer. hugs, Lecia

  4. Your tags are so cute!! We aren't having really hot temps but we are having tons of rain and because of that my flowers aren't looking too good.. :( I hope you have a great day!

  5. Hi Jody,
    Yet again another master piece! Love these cute tags.
    I think when they were handing out special talents I was in line for you have some fabulous talent!! Keep up the great work!
    Enjoy your day,

  6. The tags are so cute! Thank you for offering them :)


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