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Saturday, June 22, 2013

checking in! Been doing a lot of playing

Hello friends....

Yes I am still alive and kicking, I think this is the longest I have gone and not posted. Once the nice weather finally came here I was more than ready to do some things outside and get away completely. My hubby and I have taken a few trips, have had family come here to visit too. My time has been full but unfortunately my time online and the creativity has suffered. I promise I will get into gear again here. I am thinking a giveaway in the near future may be nice so stay tuned!

So what have I been doing? Well since January I have not been working part time so we have had the freedom to just go as we please. I found a nice boarding place in Spokane for my dogs so we have been able to go more freely because of that as well. We have done some trips fairly close, have gone to see my family and just last week we spent time with friends in Coeur d' Alene in a condo. The muscle car show was going on downtown which was fun as usual, weather was great and we fit in a dinner cruise around the lake one night as well.

Here are a few pictures of our adventures lately. These are pics from my smartphone, the quality is okay but doesn't hold a candle to my DSLR I usually use but you'll get the picture and yep some are blurry. Okay I know that these pictures are personal and not my normal posting on crafts and such, these are family pictures you most likely will not care to see, but this is what I have been doing so we are going to go with it. :-)
This is me and my hubby on the dinner boat getting ready to take off. You are served dinner and get to cruise around lake Coeur d' Alene. This was a very nice evening.
We are on the top deck, my son took this picture of us and our dear friends from the Coast Tanya and John. Even though we now live so far away from each other we will always stay close friends.
Here is a picture of our son Tyler and friends Tanya and John. The lighting was not great here but as you can see we were having a great time!
Okay, here I am with Tanya. This is a stretch here for me, I do not like ANY picture of myself so this is a rare for me to even be sharing like this. 
Well as you can see even though we do get older, we never really do grow up. If we did not stay kids at heart what fun would life be? Here my son Tyler, John and hubby Dan decided to see if this gal would give them a ride! Hmmmm I would love to have this thing in my yard!
More playing.... Tanya and I really did play on this thing, went down the other spiral slide too! 
This was coming back in to the docking area, you see the Coeur d' Alene resort lit up in the background.
My sweet parents.... this was our recent trip to the coast at their house.
My parents just did some yummy stuff on the bb-q, the day turned out to be pretty great! I wonder if parents are normally this cute or is it just me being prejudice? I may have gone home but my heart is still there with them.


This is my older son Mitch with Dan my hubby, he lives in Bellingham near where we used to live. It is hard to not see him and the rest of my family on a regular basis. The decision was made to move away, but the consequence's were not fully realized until we actually did it. All I have to say is the price was high. I miss you Mitch...
Tyler and his new BMX bike.
I do have three dogs but I thought this was a cute pic of my little girl Ellie... just thought I'd throw it in. 
Here is our new ride! We have been taking the hot rod on all our trips and I must say it has been fun! We figured that just because a person grows older there is no reason one cannot buy and enjoy a fun car. We vow to never buy a granny car just because we may not be too young anymore. What is a granny car? well I am sure without pointing to any one type you all probably know what I mean anyway. 

I could not end this post without at least one crafting picture! This is the early start of my next pattern. As you can see this doll has the body of a candy corn, black funny boots on silly legs. Nope don't have arms yet or obviously only have the sketch of eye balls but she will be coming along soon. I haven't totally ignored the craft room lately, it has just been very slow going with all the playing and visiting I have been doing. 

I will stop here with this picture sampler. As I look at these photos I know that I am blessed to have those that I love and know they love me too! Now that is what makes living this thing called life worth it...

Thanks for stopping by


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