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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Well here we are it is mid January and yes I have been missing in blog land. I realized today that at least I am consistent, I get the January blues every year at this time. I don't know what it is, but it happens without fail. The good news is that eventually it passes and I do perk up. I think the holiday activities end and then the full cold winter weather sets in, then here comes the January funk. I am certain I am not alone here, am I? What do the January blues look like? I don't even know if I can explain it, I just have no enthusiasm or ambition for awhile. I let things go like my blog, emails, housework. I can't concentrate in the craft room, I walk in, fiddle a bit on something and then walk out. I will snap out of this, I have patterns and hand made goodies to create. 

What have I been doing up until now? Well January started out with a bang, first my hubby got sick and then 4 days later it hit me. I am at the tail end of it now, but this has not helped to set the stage for a productive month so far. Laying on the couch with my tissue box was mostly what was happening. Ha! I just the other day finally had the energy to at least get all my Christmas decor from the main level to my upstairs storage, I still need to put it all away in it's proper spots however. 

This is the first year I am having to deal with tax stuff for my home business. I am not great with  paper work and mostly don't understand it. I finally got my excise tax return done after several calls to the IRS, yes I know that is pathetic but I did finally get it done. Oh but the fun is not over! I now am tackling inventory for the Schedule C I will need to submit for taxes. Hmmmm how does one inventory over 20 years worth of crafting supplies.... I think the word nightmare applies here. Oh but I am being a good girl and documenting everything I have... yep I may still be doing inventory by the time taxes are due April, but I am determined to get this done. I seriously am kicking myself for buying so much stuff!!! I do think this is putting a cramp in my being able to relax and start creating, I feel I cannot move on until I tackle this huge elephant in the room. I haven't mentioned that I have no idea how to fill this thing out, that will be my next problem or possible a call to our tax accountant will be in order. 

I have also been writing my article for the Prim's publication I will be in this May. I am struggling a little bit with it, but I will get it done. I have until Feb. 1st to submit it. I will also be offering the pattern for my bunny for submission as well. I am truly excited about this!

The weather here is something in the likeness of the North Pole. The snow is beautiful for awhile, but one does get tired of this icy world and longs for Spring to come. We have been in the teens and 20's, now that is cold! My dogs are not sure that going potty in this weather is anything they should have to be subjected too. Good thing they can't talk! We have our snow through February and sometimes into March. I really do miss seeing color after the winter is over, to see green grass again is amazing! Look at this beautiful picture!! I think it is breathtaking.

For the past 4 years I have worked part time in a coffee and books shop. The economy has finally put the death knell to my job. My very sweet boss had to let me go so she could run the shop with as little overhead as possible. This has been a mental adjustment for me, but it will be okay, just sad is all. I live out in the county, have very few neighbors so getting out was good mental therapy. I am a little concerned about being isolated and perhaps a bit lonely, but I will just have to work on that. God opens doors and then he can close them just as fast. Who knows what is in store for the future! 

I do look forward to the new year and it's possibilities. My goal is to create more patterns than I did last year! I also would like to get more hand made items actually done and for sale as well. I launched my pattern line February of 2012, I am pleased with the way they have been received so far! I am enjoying sharing my patterns with the creative community. To all my customers... Thank You! 

Here is a crafting tip I'll share with you. If you want to add sparkle to your painted eyes... brush on two coats of 3D crystal lacquer and see them shine. I love how this adds more life to the eyes. 

Because I have had so much time to watch tv. I have discovered a wonderful series called Once Upon A Time. I watched the whole first season on netflix and am caught up now. It is on every Sunday evening. This is so addicting and such a good show! I am amazed that there is anything still out there that is just good entertainment and nothing else. 

I will sign off now, I realize that this was a long post and a risky one for possibly boring you all to death so I'll finish it. 



  1. Jody sorry to hear that you have been ill.That sounds like enough to make you have the blues,let alone dealing with all the tax forms.Will keep you in my prayers.Hugs,Jen

  2. I am so with you on the winter blahhhhs finding it so hard to get motivated to do anything.
    I love the show once upon a time. I even got my husband watching it lol
    Good luck on your tax forms.

  3. Wishing you the best of luck in the new year, my friend. You will get through the taxes and next year won't be near as difficult. Looking forward to seeing what new patterns and handmades you will be offering. So glad you are feeling better. P.S. My favorite craft tip from you for 2012.....Fab-ri-tac. Amazing stuff. Worth every penny.


  4. HI Jody,
    I guess we are in the same boat with that one oar! Sickness, blues, TAXES--truly a four letter word. It took us years to figure out how to do the ending inventory and every year it seems to be a new issue with my tax accountant...husband.
    Good luck to you!


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