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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Pattern Available

I know I have posted a picture of this bunny before, but I wanted you all to know that I have it available as a pattern now. I got this ready to submit for the May Prim's issue and figured I would go ahead and offer the pattern to everyone. This is Emma... Clover's sister!

 It is basically the same as Clover's pattern but with a completely different head, ears and a slightly different apron. The head is a 4 piece round head construction and the ears are wired. Because this is closely the same as my Clover pattern, I am offering it at a special price! It can be purchased for only 4.00. I am doing this so anyone who already bought Clover can try this version without having to spend full pattern price.

I will be getting myself in pattern creating gear soon! After Christmas laziness is officially over! LOL I am trying to decide what I may want to create, what I am thinking is possibly a chicken, raggedy ann or a black doll. We shall see! 

I do hope you all have a wonderful Sunday!


  1. Hi Jody...I would like to see you design a black doll...I love making them because they can have so much caracter. I just did some black mammy bag holders on my blog.
    You really do have that special touch in your designs!
    Have a really great week
    Smile and hugs

  2. i have a chicken thing lol ide love to see one from you
    Ally UK p.s just bought the emma pattern ty x

  3. She is precious. I would so love to see you do a Black doll pattern, too! Hugs!

  4. Aw...I love your new Emma bunny, Jody! She is just cute as can be!


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