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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Stuff I've been up to!

My poor little blog has been neglected lately I know! I just have not felt that I have had too much to blog about, or had anything worth telling. Sometimes though I wonder if even the mundane and seemingly boring things would be better than not posting! I do have a couple of tid bits to share so here goes.

First off I am excited to say that I was contacted by Jennifer of Prims Publication asking me if I had anything to share with them for the 2013 May publication! Well after picking my somewhat lifeless body up off the floor, I was able to process what just happened. This has been something I have wanted to be involved in for quite sometime so needless to say I am thrilled beyond words to be given this opportunity.

 This will be a first for me! Prims is a special publication that comes out three times a year, is full of prim eye candy so to speak! If you have never picked up this high quality, nicely done magazine you really should!

 I quickly got to work on a piece I thought was appropiate for Spring. After some emails back and forth we agreed I would send my bunny. This comes from my clover pattern except I made a completely different head for it. She is all packed up and ready to be sent to Prims tomorrow.

Now to be able to wait clear until May for this publication just may kill me!! Patience is not one of my virtues.
I also want to share the project my sweet hubby just got done for me. I do wish I had a before picture of the unorganized mess this wall was. I had all my things thrown in an open metal shelving sytem and it was just plain a headache and ugly. These upper and lower cabinets are a dream now because not only do they look good, they are functional. I can hide all the unsightly supplies behind cabinet doors now. Here they are.
I do feel bad that I had to stack stuff on the top of these cabinets, but frankly I just have too much STUFF! I have gourds that one day I hope to sculpt snowmen and santas on. On the right side I have antique store teapots that I one day hope to make into one-of-a-kind treasures. What this adventure has taught me is I have got to stop buying and start using up these supplies. I had no idea how bad it was until I tore into this. When your supplies start taking over everything and start driving you mental, it is time to re evaluate. I was so disorganized that I kept forgetting that in the mess I had things like glue sticks and spray finish. I would keep buying them thinking I was out. Do you know that I have enough glue sticks to supply the entire country with thier gluing needs for probably a year. LOL! I discovered that I will not have to worry about folk art matte finish for probably five years.
This antique cabinet is now housing my newly folded fabrics, this is an amazing site considering the piles of scrunched up and unorganized fabrics these recently were. It feels good now to gaze at this cabinet, I can actually see what fabrics I have and what colors they are! I just hope I can keep it this way. Do you know that I have close to 200 yards of fabric here.... no I am not kidding. Again here is an example of buying too much! I forget what I have and keep buying muslin and more homespun and I need it like a hole in the head.
The fact that I had the room torn apart and re-done, the prims surprise and other things, put a damper on my Christmas patterns and handmades. I am not sure now how much I will get done before Christmas. I do hope you all can find some organization if you need it, I know for me it holds my creativity back if I am drowning in my mess!
Thanks for stopping by and letting me share the recent happening here at Sweet Bear Creek Whims!


  1. Congratulations, Jody for being accepted by "Prims" magazine! I love the bunny that you will be submitting in their May issue! Also, love the new cupboards in your craft room! Your hubby did an awesome job!

  2. Hi, I'm Camilla, I have fourteen years, and I love your blog! ... Almost a year ago that I'm your follower ... I like sewing, knitting, painting, dolls, embroidery, making patchwork ...
    You in my blog:
    I love your little bunny! ... I love your furniture with many fabrics!
    I'm designing dolls for next year, publish in my store online
    Until next post
    Greetings from Argentina

  3. Congratulations in getting in the magazine. Your new cupboard is wonderful. I know the feeling of drowning in Stuff.

  4. Hi Jodi...congrats on being accepted in the Prim Magazine. You are gonna love the cabinets for storage. We updated our kitchen several years ago and moved about 14 ft of the old kitchen cabinets into my craft room and I love them. Trying to keep orgainization in a craft room is almost a full time job in itself.
    I hope you have a really great week!
    Smiles and hugs

  5. Really sweet comment from Camilla in Argentina and at age 14 to be interested in all the crafty things - I am going to check out her blog.

  6. Oh sweetie, you should see my house if you think yours is a mess! You would be smiling & dancing with glee : ) Your new cabinet is beautiful & so is your sewing studio : )

  7. Oh my gosh, I love your crafting/sewing room. It is amazing and your new cupboards are wonderful. Hubby did an awesome job installing them for you. I will trade you craft rooms any time. Mine is too small and full of just everything. My own little mess and I know where everything is at....heehee!

    Thanks for sharing your awesome room!

    warm holiday hugs!

  8. Hello Jody, what a wonderful husband you have putting together for you a brand new room, that is great, I love the dark cabinets, looking good. Isn't it so much better when everything is organized and you can find things. My room needs reorganizing again, since I made such a mess, oh well it will get done. You can never have to many supplies. Congratulations also on your publication, that is super, I love the bunny, so so cute with this lovely face.

  9. Hi Jody,
    Congratulations on the publication. Your bunnies have the sweetest look about them!
    And congrats on the new space!
    Enjoy your day,

  10. Hi, I just found and became a follower of your wonderful blog.Just wanted to say that I love your craft room!Hugs,Jen


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