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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Holiday Happenings...

I do hope that you all had a very Merry Christmas! I have had a wonderful visit with friends and family. My two boys are home right now which is always a treat for us. I hosted Christmas Eve. dinner in my home, the menu included Pork tenderloin drenched in an apricot sauce, a rice dish with apricots, mint and slivered almonds, fancy salad, baked potatoes and more! We can't forget the appetizers, I think there were 4 in all. It was so much fun!

In our family we eat dinner, do a gift exchange and then play bingo for prizes. All in all is was a success, yes I was very very tired from all the work to get this together, and Christmas day I was not feeling to well, but I have recovered as of today. The hard part is having all the hustle bustle and then everything winds down and there is a bit of a let down. Tomorrow my oldest son travels home and then the day after my youngest son will go.

Here is a peek at my table before everyone arrived for dinner. On the plates you see our traditional party poppers.

The view from the other side. You can see outside and the winter wonderland we have going on out there!
Here is what I woke up to awhile back, if you look at my roof you can kind of tell how much snow there is. I think when we walked out in the yard it was to our knees!
Here is the view off my front porch, this was crazy! Out in front you see my flower planter almost completely engulfed.
My guests have arrived and plates are loaded. As you can see everyone is wearing funny paper crowns. I know it is silly but it is tradition and we get them in our party poppers.
 Here are my boys, Mitch my oldest on the left and Tyler my youngest on the right.
This is Christmas morning. I must be nuts for posting this picture.... why? here we are fresh out of bed, no showers and out of it. The look on our faces comes from the typical Holiday busy schedule and yes sugar and food hangovers.
This is my hubby Dan giving our furry kids thier stockings, this is probably the funnest part of Christmas for us! The dogs truly love getting toys and snacks
I will make that my last picture so I don't bore you all to sleep. As far as patterns or handmade's, well that had to be put away until the holidays are over. I will work on finishing up my next pattern soon and look forward to designing many new ones in the new year.
Happy New Year!


  1. Oh Jody! I love these pictures of you and your family! Boy, you look beautiful rolling right out of bed. Your holiday table is gorgeous and I can't believe all that snow. Burrrrr! It is truly a winter wonderland at your house! Love the party crowns too! Super cute and looks like lots of fun! XOXO LeeAnn

  2. Merry, Merry, Christmas Dear Jody!!! Wow! What handsome sons you have!! And what a beautiful lady you are - so no wonder - they come from some mighty fine genes!! I don't think I've ever seen a photo of you before. If only my "good" photos looked half as great as your "right out of bed" ones do!!! :o Sounds like a wonderful holiday - your home is gorgeous.... Enjoy your time with the boys - and wishing them safe travels back.... Smiles & Best Christmas Hugs ~ Robin (PS - are your fur babies Shih Tzus???)

  3. Jody everything looked wonderful!Two handsome sons you have there beautiful lady!Goodness that is a lot of snow.Have fun with the boys!Hugs,Jen

  4. What a nice family, looks like good times .
    Your fur babies look exactly like mine lol

  5. You look wonderful! And your table and home is beautiful...all the decorations just perfect! I love that everyone has so much fun. Did you save me a paper hat? I would have loved your house for Christmas!

  6. Hi Jody, Looks like you guys had a wonderful Christmas! I can't believe the snow that you guys have! Do you guys get a lot of wind? At least you had a "White Christmas"! We get most of our snow in January, after Christmas of coarse!

  7. Your table was beautiful, and you have a beautiful family that looked like they all enjoyed themselves! :)
    The view off your porch is pretty. All that snow is beautiful to look at, I just wish it only lasted until January. LOL! Our seems to stick around forever.

  8. What a wonderful Christmas you had surrounded by family, it cannot get any better. Lovely decoration and so much snow, hard to believe. Everything looks great! Have a happy New Year!


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