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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

November PFATT offerings

Hello ladies,

I have to apologize for being gone so long from blogging, I do think the winters blues are getting me! I struggle to find all the time and energy I need to get things done and stay organized! What a dream it would be to actually get done what my mind's eye sees me doing.... ah one can only dream. I talk about Winter, but the full winter's chill has not hit here where I live yet, there are days it actually has warmth to the sun yet. The plants don't know wether to bloom again or die.

For those of you who buy my patterns,  I do have more Christmas ideas floating around in my head and will have something new to offer hopefully soon.

Here is what I will have to offer on Pfatt Marketplace on November 10th. I am not taking early sales so take note of the date. The first emails that show up in my inbox requesting my items will be served first! I have two snow girls made from my latest (Crystal) pattern and another snowman made from my prim winter friends pattern to offer.

This little gal is holding a fake cupcake and wearing holiday stripes.
You all have seen Crystal, well she is for sale this month as well! She holds a LED battery operated prim taper candle that was encrusted with german glass glitter. Both these snow girls are 18" tall.
This snowman is 14" tall and can be hung on the tree or wall. He can also be tucked into any corner or shelf as well. He is ready for the next winters storm with his shovel!

My friend LeeAnn Kress of charmed confections was nice enough to send me this lovely set of her handmade cupcakes! Aren't they the sweetest.... she does such a great job, they are done to perfection and the little adornments on them could not be cuter. The little candy canes and candies are actually clay which boggled my mine, they are sooooo tiny. Check out LeeAnns blog and don't forget to check out her pfatt marketplace page this month for what is sure to be an adorable new creation. Her link on pfatt is also Charmed Confections.

I wish you all a wonderful day and happy creating!


  1. Your snow girls are delightful, and I'm sure a beautiful home will be found for them very quickly.

  2. Oh my gosh, Jody. I just love everything!! The snow girls are awesome!!!! I also love your little cupcakes. That happens to be my daughter's nickname.


  3. Just wonderful Jody!!! Couldn't have thought of a better little goodie for your snow gal to hold. Sweets for the Sweet!! :)
    Wishing you a Blessed Sunday!
    Hugs Mary


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