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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

I want to pop in here and wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! I also want to congratulate Kim of Valley Primitives on winning all those ornaments in the giveaway!
As Thanksgiving Day rolls around,
It brings up some facts, quite profound.
We may think that we're poor,
Feel like bums, insecure,
But in truth, our riches astound.
We have friends and family we love;
We have guidance from heaven above.
We have so much more
Than they sell in a store,
We're wealthy, when push comes to shove.
So add up your blessings, I say;
Make Thanksgiving last more than a day.
Enjoy what you've got;
Realize it's a lot,
And you'll make all your cares go away.

I will surely miss my family and friends tomorrow, but am grateful for the family I will spend Thanksgiving with. Since 2007 we no longer live around my parents, brother, older son and some great friends I left behind, so holidays have changed for me a lot! I have fond memories of earlier days, I can see the gatherings, the smell of turkey the laughter and all the fuss over dinner! Over the years some pass on, move on or move away, the scenery and holidays changes as life goes on. I miss those days but also relish the new memories to be made in the here and now.

 I will admit, I can be bad about letting the problems of the day cloud my vision, so much so that I no longer can see the through the thorns to see the lovely bouguets that are actually gathering in the day. At the end of the day I thought was so problematic, I stopped and asked myself what beautiful things of the day I had missed, what bouguets had been gathered that I didn't even see. I started thinking about the things I could be thankful for; low and behold I had a lovely bunch of  flowers smiling at me amongst the thorns! I am not talking about big obvious things really, it could be a snuggle from the dog = 1 flower for the bouguet, a kind word, blue sky, warm bed, a special hug... one here and three there in the end equals one lovely bunch. I hope you take a look and see the the lovely things of today and know we all have so much to be thankful for.

Happy Thanksgiving


  1. Hi Jody! You are one of the beatiful flowers in my bouquets! I wish you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving! Talk to you real soon! XOXO LeeAnn

  2. I am lucky that I live near 2 of my children, although I miss my son. What a blessing Skype is... I count my blessings every day. I'm sending you a beautiful bouquet today full of blessings.

  3. Hi Jody, Happy Thanksgiving!
    What a great post for this time of year.

  4. My daughter is away from us this day and we miss her. It's good we have this day to reflect on the things we can be thankful for. One of those that I'm thankful for are my blog mates :) Happy Thanksgiving luv.


  5. Happy Thanksgiving Jody.


  6. Happy Thanksgiving! God bless! :)

  7. Happy Thanksgiving my friend! I hope you've had a blessed day. I sure missed my family today but times change and I made sure to count my blessings. Sweet hugs!


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