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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Tea Pot Snowman

As always when I finish something I like to do a little show and tell! This One-Of-A-Kind snowman will be for sale this month on Pfatt Marketplace Oct. 10th. Out of fairness so everyone has a chance, there are no early sales for my Pfatt offerings. Basically the first email I receive after 10 am on the 10th. is the person who can purchase my items.
I am so in love with this one! I had a ball making it as well. I found this old tea pot ages ago in an antique shop knowing I would do something similar with it. It was soooo ugly, but I knew that a good scrubbing, sanding and paint job would do the trick. In case you can't tell from the picture, this tea pot has snowflakes painted all over it. This little guy is appropriately holding out a sugar cube in one hand and his sugar dipped spoon in the other. His tag say (Snowmint Tea) Inside the tea pot there are snowballs and pieces of chenille candy canes! His arms are wired so they can be positioned. Unfortunately this tea pot snowman is perfect in my kitchen, so there will be some pain involved in selling it.
A closer view....
This project has inspired me to find more tea metal tea pots since I can now see the possibilites! I guess an antique store visit is in order.
Thanks for taking a peek at my show and tell....


  1. Oh my gosh, I love him! I love how you put the sugar cube in his hand and the did the spoon dusted with sugar, and the saying on the tag....and..the tea pot and....heck what don't I love about him! heheh He is just so dang sweet, can't help to keep looking at him. I would say, that those speckled nails were so worth it.....heheh Excellent job my friend!
    Hugs Mary

  2. He is so cute...and all the you have a before picture of the tea pot?
    Hope you have a really great weekend!

  3. Oh my!!! The sweetest of the sweet. I love him!!!!! I am going to be "green" with envy of the person who ends up with him!!! One of the cutest creations I have seen for Christmas! As always, your creative mind is nothing short of utter genius!

    Thanks for the sneak preview!


  4. What a sweet little face! Beautiful work, Jody, as always. What a treat!! Blessings, Caroline

  5. Omigosh, he's so darling!! I just love the way you painted the teapot as well. Absolutely precious! xo

  6. I love it! You are so talented. I always admire your creations.
    That will sell FAST!

  7. So Sweet! I Love this one. Your creations are Beautiful!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  8. OMG....Tea Time snowman is adorable...the cutest face ever with his little carrot nose. Luv the teapot...with it's polka dot sEw sweet. Yes, he would look perfect in my kitchen too... Thanks for sharing your talent. Have a wonderful weekend. Pauline


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