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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Stocking pattern finished!

Good morning! a quick note before I start my busy day! Thanks to all the ladies who have come here and commented on the Winter Wonderland giveaway AND to the the new followers!

While your visiting, don't forget to also sign up for my Fall giveaway, it will be ending October 15th. Click on the picture for the original post and the rules for entering.
I also finally found out why I cannot always respond to all comments. If your google account email is not ENABLED there is no way I or any other blogger can respond or get back to you. It is possible you don't even realize you need to do this, so check it out. Please leave your contact information on posts, especially giveaways so we know how to contact you.

I am happy to report that just yesterday I finished this snowman stocking up. He is a cutie and a lot of fun to do! What's next? Hmmmmm that is yet to be determined. Do you ever do your best thinking in the middle of the night when you should be sleeping? That unfortunately is when I come up with more ideas, I may have dark circles under my eyes, but by golly I have my next pattern swimming around in my head. LOL

Right now I do have to get my October Pfatt Marketplace offering finished, I am down the wire since the 10th is coming at me in a hurry.

Have a great day and even if you may not feel like it......SMILE!

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