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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Show And Tell!

A little bit of show and tell here! I am having a Birthday tomorrow and my sweet friend Carol Stuck of Buttermilk Creek Farms sent me these sweet presents! She is such a sweetheart for even sending me anything. I loved my gifts and wanted you all to see them too! We shall not mention however how old I really am...
Now this made me crack up laughing!! This is a box of stationary with the most adorable things on it as you can see. Just so happens that I can relate to the saying, tee hee, yep I have plenty of days that I can agree with feeling a bit witchy!! LOL This reall made me smile....:-)
But that was not all, I also got a "I am feeling witchy" cup so when the cards are gone I can still get a chuckle from drinking my coffee in this cup. And we all know how lucky I am to have received this super cute Christmas mouse!! anyone who owns Carol's work knows.... it is simply adorable. Carol makes the cutest things and has a magic touch with everything she creates! This litter mouser  is holding a tiny rolling pin and a gingerbread cookie. She has on a tiny gingerbread cookie mix apron. I simply LOVE  everything my sweet friend. Check out CArol's blog by finding the link I have for her on my left side bar.


  1. Hi Jody!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU LITTLE SWEETHEART!!! Ooooo - I love your presents from Carol. Too cute!!! I too, will be sending you a little birthday cheer in the mail. For now, I'm sending a BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY WISH TO YOU!! XOXOX LeeAnn

  2. Hi Jody: So very glad that you liked your little birthday goodies. I am touched by the sweet post.

    hugs to you, my sweet friend!


  3. Have a happy Birthday tomorrow, all the best.
    Wonderful birthday presents, enjoy your special day.


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