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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Rosehips drying and new patterns coming!

I figured it was time for a little show and tell again! First I want to show you all a Prim Snowman stocking I have been working on for a customer. Since I was working on him anyway, I figured I would also make this sweet fellow up as a pattern. I designed this last year actually and am just now getting to the pattern part of it, some of you may even remember him. My friend Carol of buttermilk creek farms owns the first one I made, she named him Harold! LOL I am guessing this pattern will be done by the end of this week or first of next. Here he is....
He is so sweet! I am excited to be offering this one because I do think all you sewers out there will enjoy making him. I am going to be including a printable sheet of labels like you see hanging from his stocking with this pattern.
Tomorrow I will have my canned pumpkins pattern ready to go online. This jar is a bit different than my last one, this one has a rusty lid and I love how it looks! This jar actually has 4 pumpkins in it, the other one is on the side and cannot be seen from the front view. In this pattern you will get a printable sheet of labels as seen here along with the pattern. From now on when I have a tag with my projects, you will be able to print full sheets yourself.
Here is the side view, now you can see the other little guy hiding.
My friend Christine has some giant rose bushes in her beautiful garden and you wouldn't believe how loaded they are with rosehips!! She and I picked some, but trust me I was tired of picking before I got them all, that will have to be another day. Here you see three very large trays full of rosehips in the drying process, here they are a day into drying and are starting to wrinkle up. They really are gorgeous things aren't they? Rosehips need to be picked now until the first part of October or after the first frost. I am drying them on trays, it will probably take 2 weeks or so.
After they are dry and hardened up, they can be made into potpourri, or arranged in a bowl around some prim candles, really they can be used in any way you can dream up. They can be scented by putting them in a glass jar, add several drops of scent. Shake the jar a couple times a day for a week or so and that's it. Rosehips are one of the items I have in my canned pumpkins.
Here is a closer view. As they dry they get more wrinkles and darken up a bit. I may sell the extra's I won't be using on my website.
 Speaking of... I am in the process and will be for awhile now of adding some supplies on my website. I'll keep you posted. I have a few things now like mica, twisty pods, pattern bags a few rusty thing etc....It takes a lot of time to put all the items on, so this will be an on going project.
If you know someone who has rose bushes, hit them up for the rosehips! I shudder to think how many must just get discarded. Do any of you have some unique ideas of how to use these? I would love to know what I am missing!
Well that's it for now! Thanks for stopping by. 


  1. Wow, sure picked a lot of rosehips! I dried mine in the food dehydrator and it took about a day and a half. And I know what happens to those hips that don't get picked; they go to seed. I have rosehip starts coming up in nearly every flower bed now! Love your new little snowman stocking! Ilene

  2. Hi Jody,
    Love Harold!!!!
    I didn't know rosehips were on rose bushes!!! I wondered where they came from....the store!!! hahaha
    Do you have your burners going on the stove or just sitting there????

  3. Hi Jody, Wowzerssssss you sure picked alot of rose hips! How wonderful to have a friend with so many roses..and to let you have as many as you want. What a huge savings...I always have to purchase mine on line as in my neck of the woods here people have more flowers in there garden than roses....whata' bummer huh?
    Love your snowman in the stocking, too stinkin' cute! I also can't keep my eyes off of those sweet little pumpkins in the jar......everytime I look at them I love them more and more!!!
    Wishing you a wonderful rest of the week.
    Big Hugs

  4. The stocking and snowman is just the cutest! Look at his sweet little hat! And that's a LOT of rosehips! WOW! You are so smart! Hugs!


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