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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Canned Pumpkin, antique horse, soap and Hobby Lobby!

Hello friends....

I have some things I want to share. I got this idea in a bored moment not too long ago and went with it. I will be selling my jar of canned pumpkin on Pfatt and will also be offering it's pattern soon. I know it is silly so don't laugh too hard, but I think it's kinda cute too. The pumpkins aren't as orange as the picture portrays them, I tried to edit it so it was more true, but it didn't work. They are deep, just not as bright as you see.
There are three painted pumpkin heads in my canning jar, but I could have added a couple more small ones in the back but I figured that wouldn't get too much attention anyway. I filled up the blank spots with rosehips, cinnamon pieces and moss. For now I have a lid that I glued homespun on, but have ordered a rusty lid that I will use when I get it.
Here is a sideview so you can see the other little face peeking out! I think it helps to have a sense of humor with our creativity don't you? :-)
Here is more of the back view where you can see all the goodies inside. Now lets hope no one gets the bright idea to make pumpkin pie anytime soon! LOL

 I also want to share that I went into Spokane today and on the North end is a new Hobby Lobby! WOOOO HOOOO!!! I am in love with this store. Michaels looked so sad standing right next to it, I kinda felt bad really. Yes, you read that right, they put thier new massive store right next door to Michaels. I have always loved Michaels, but I do have a new love and it's HL. This is an incredible store with all it's choices, I am thrilled that I now have easy access to it. I shopped till I dropped today literally.

I have to show you all my latest anique store find, I just purchased this old horse, the horse hair tail is still even partially there. I really loved the price of only 69.00, I grabbed him up in a second. I have always loved these but finally found the one I wanted to purchase. I love the mood he has. I have no idea how old he really is.
I have four new batches of soap curing that will be available for purchase in the near future on my website.
This one is cranberry fig, a great one for using or giving during the holiday season. This soap is simply mouth-watering. All my soaps are wrapped with a band of matching pretty paper and a bow. I have examples of this on my website.
This batch is an interesting mix I came up with to use up little bits left of several scents. Here is the list of smells in this one: Pearberry, Pineapple Cilantro, Green Apple, Fresh Lemonade and a bit of Huckleberry Harvest. All I  have to say is YUM!!
This one is Raspberry Lemonade, and yes it smells exactly like Raspbery Lemonade, simply lovely!!

This marbled green, cream and rusty brown soap is a mens soap scented in Woodlands. Ladies..... this is truly what we want all our men to smell like, trust me. (Wink)

Okay, that's it for today, thanks so much for stopping by! Blessings......


  1. Oh my, love the pumpkin jar, there facial expressions are amazing, wish I could paint a face like that

  2. Hi Jody,
    Love your canned pumpkins! So fun!
    Love your horse too! Wonderful find.
    Enjoy yor day,

  3. Jody, your "canned pumpkins" are cute as can be! What a cute idea! That is kind of strange that HL would go in right next door to Michael's! I prefer to shop at HL but that is sad for the Michael's store in Spokane! I need to order some of your soap! I loved the bar that you sent me! Have a great day!

  4. The idea of 'canning' your pumpkins was inspired! Love it!

  5. Oh Iam still giggling at the canned pumpkin. What a cute idea!!! I just love it. And I am really interested in the soap as well. All of them...yummy. Can't wait till they are ready.

    I am really impressed with the horse. He looks awesome. Lucky girl!!


  6. These are so cute! haha! I found your site from a link at "The Barely There Primitive Bear", and stopped by to invite you to join in on my Harvest Tour of Homes... You can read more about it, here: It would be an honor to have you!

    Your newest follower,

  7. Hi Jody, I love that Horse, beautiful. My goodness are you busy creating. The pumpkins in the jar are just the sweetest, what a cute idea. Can't wait for the new patterns to come out. I have been busy myself with canning and so many other not doll making related things, finally today I just set down and did what I had to do, stuff my body parts, LOL. Between hospital visits for a family member, canning, cutting down apple trees so they don't fall on the house, not much time for myself. I guess that is the story of my life. These soaps are just wonderful looking. Glad you are doing good and back in business.

  8. Hi Jodi, That jar of canned pumpkin is just tooo cute!!! Love it!!!

  9. Oh, I love that beautiful horse! What a treasure! Love your sweet scented soaps, too. And I just bought a big glass pumpkin bowl at the thrift lid. I was thinking about putting some prim pumpkins inside! I like your idea even better! Hugs!

  10. Your scented soaps really smell great. Always room for another one in my powder room.


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