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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Sid The Scarecrow

Hello friends.....
I cannot beleive it is the end of July already, where is the time going? The heat is on here that's for sure, we are in the 90's almost every day. I have been working to get my next project done and he is basically. I just have to finish up his pattern. This scarecrow will be for sale on Pfatt this August 10th., but here is a peek at him ahead of time!
This little scarecrow can be put in any container, I happened to put him in an antique flour sifter I had laying around forever. Out of my desire to finally use it, I came up with Sid, but like I said, he could be put in anything you like. He is about 14.5 inches tall.
He is wearing jean overalls and a homespun shirt. He of course can't scare off crows even though it is supposed to be his job! His pattern will come with instructions to make him, his crow, sunflower and tag.
His tag says:
 The farmer made a scarecrow
And stuffed it full of straw.
He put it in the cornfield,
but the crows laughed

Here is a picture of a hummingbird I took the other day. I found it interesting how when I cropped it, the background was black which made him stand out with the sun on his back.

Well that's it for now! Have a happy weekend...


  1. Well, you certainly have done it AGAIN. He is the sweetest little scarecrow and I am in love. What a great idea to tuck him into the antique sifter. He looks comfy and right at home with his BFF, the crow.

    It is always interesting to see a close up of the hummingbird. They move so quickly that we miss their real beauty. Thanks for sharing the wonderful pic. Your photo talents are amazing.


  2. Love, Love, Love Sid The Scarecrow! So Adorable!! I Love him in the antique sifter.
    Have a wonderful Sunday!


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