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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Sid The Scarecrow

Hello friends.....
I cannot beleive it is the end of July already, where is the time going? The heat is on here that's for sure, we are in the 90's almost every day. I have been working to get my next project done and he is basically. I just have to finish up his pattern. This scarecrow will be for sale on Pfatt this August 10th., but here is a peek at him ahead of time!
This little scarecrow can be put in any container, I happened to put him in an antique flour sifter I had laying around forever. Out of my desire to finally use it, I came up with Sid, but like I said, he could be put in anything you like. He is about 14.5 inches tall.
He is wearing jean overalls and a homespun shirt. He of course can't scare off crows even though it is supposed to be his job! His pattern will come with instructions to make him, his crow, sunflower and tag.
His tag says:
 The farmer made a scarecrow
And stuffed it full of straw.
He put it in the cornfield,
but the crows laughed

Here is a picture of a hummingbird I took the other day. I found it interesting how when I cropped it, the background was black which made him stand out with the sun on his back.

Well that's it for now! Have a happy weekend...

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Look What I got!

I just have to share with all of you a very lovely surprise my mail lady brought to me today! I opened a box to find the most adorable Gingerbread Man ever!! I LOVE Gingers and this one is no exception. Carol Stuck of Buttermilk Creek Farms made him to perfection with her special finishing technique that makes him look and feel like a real baked cookie! He has a ginger cookie recipe pinned to him as well, now how clever is that? Thank you Carol for this nice surprise, it made my day!

Isn't he cute? He is a nice big size too! Needless to say he is not going to be put away until the Holidays, but will reside in my kitchen now! I can enjoy him in the hot of summer just as well as winter. If your all lucky she will make some of these cuties and offer them for sale on her Etsy or blog. I'll cross my fingers for you all! LOL

I also started my next pattern today, it will be a scarecrow that can sit in any container. I will have him sitting in an antique flour sifter. He has rigid arms, home spun shirt and jean over-alls. I will probably add a crow or sunflower to the mix, we'll see. Working in my room while the temps outside are scorching is a bit distracting. My room does not get the full air conditioning like the house so my fan is what I rely on. Today it was not doing enough for my liking!

I'll keep you posted when he is ready to go!
Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Buttermilk Creek Farms Giveaway!

Hey ladies, stop on over to Carol's blog, she has a fantastic giveaway going right now! It ends July 23rd. Go on over to Buttermilk Creek Farms Blog today and sign up.

These darling Christmas goodies could not be cuter! A bag of Gingers, Candy Canes and a Santa!

Thursday, July 12, 2012


Hello all, are you melting in the heat like I am! We have been pushing 100 almost every day, yikes that's hot!

Just a reminder to head on over to Pfatt Marketplace and see all the Christmas in July goodies being offered! My featured artist page is up as well if you want to check it out.

 My two snowmen are sold, but I will still post the pictures of the finished result here anyway. Thank you to Carol and Kim for adopting William Flurry and Freezy Chillsworth!

I am just loving Pic Monkey's collage option, it is so much fun! Here are some examples of it.

On the left is Freezy and the right is William. Freezy is sculpted clay face and cloth body. William is all clay except his hat, scarf, arms and candy canes.

It is so hot here that I think I will have to pack these little guys on ice to ship to thier new homes!

We have been busy with summer time things but I am pondering what I should do next, another pattern? Snowman? Something Fallish.....Hmmmm I just don't know. Stay tuned!

Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Snowmen in July

Hello All!

Well I have two snowmen that are melting in our sweltering heat! The heat is finally on in my neck of the woods, I think it is mid 90's today. I can tell I am not used to it, I am moving like a snail. I am not complaining though, this cloud free weather is welcome after all the wet we've had up until now.

I have completed my Pfatt Marketplace July projects, they will not be available for purchase until July 10th. I will however give you a partial peek now! You can see the rest of them when they go live on the 10th. I will also be the featured artist for the month!

One of the things I just finished  is my write up for the featured artist page . I was asked to share photos etc... and one of the things I shared was a picture of my sewing machine. Do any of you have a special attachment to your sewing machine? I sure do! I have had my PFAFF for over 21 years now and she still runs like the day I bought it. I have never had to have it repaired, it just works! I have contemplated a computerized PFAFF, but quickly felt guilty for even considering a new machine. My machine has sewn miles of fabric, seen me through all my creatve phases over the years and sews a perfect stitch. I don't need anything else and decided that until my friend decides to give up the ghost, I will not betray her! You could have anything in my craft room, but you'd have to pry my machine out of my dead hands. I love my dear Miss PFAFF. Here she is...

I hope you all had a nice fourth of July! mine was spent with some family and friends. We had a nice time visiting and a BB-Q. Went to town and watched the fire works, a perfect ending to a perfect day!

Thanks for stopping by!


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