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Monday, June 11, 2012

Family visit and some new unique lighting!

Hello! I realize it has been way too long since I have been on here. I do have an excuse however! I have had my parents here visiting from Western Washington for a week now. Although we have dealt with rain almost everyday, we are enjoying our visit! I have until this coming Thursday to enjoy them before they have to go back home. I don't do to well with that, but all things must end right? Here is a picture of me and my parents. I am on the far right, yep I really am a real person! I am thinking that I have never posted an actual picture of myself, so this is a rare occasion, camera shy I guess.
I am holding our little dog Ellie. Aren't my Dad and Mom cute! I am blessed to call them my parents.
Here we are with the addition of my hubby Dan.

In other news...I am trying to get more done on my latest pattern little by little, wow where does the time go? Next month we will be doing Christmas in July on PFATT Marketplace, I will need to come up with something Christmas for that. I am hoping inspiration will hit me on the head!!

I love interesting lighting in my home. I am so picky that I still have some empty sockets and my home was built in 2007! I have recently aquired a few more I thought I would share here. My preference is reproductions and actual antiques. I love the look of old style lighting and it goes with my home very well.
Here is my latest light for my master bathroom, I thought it was the perfect touch. This particular light is a reproduction of an oldie.
In this close up you can see the pretty design!
Another addition is the light you see hanging here. This is an actual re-wired antique with newer glass.
I love the shape and the bulk of this particular light.
This light above my entry door is also an actual antique that was re-wired and the glass is original as well.
I would love to know where these lights have been, the homes they have graced and the stories they might tell!

The light in my turret is an antique with reproduction glass.
My turret "hmmm not sure if that is how you spell that!" light was all rusty, so they had to sand blast the metal, re-wire and then hand paint. I think this light is spectacular.
This is the empty room off our bedroom, I have yet to do any decorating up there, someday... The light can be the start. This light is another antique, I think it looks like a cake, so I call it my cake light!
Very cake-like don't you think?

This is my dining room light, it is a reproduction of the victorian era lighting.

Here is another reproduction. Wow that bulb in that clear glass has got to go! I definitely need clear for that one. I love this french glass, so lovely.

I have many of these old school house type lights in my home, I really love them! All my school house lights are reproductions.

This medallion is still waiting for the perfect light. This will house my entry staircase light. I antiqued this medallion with a gel stain. Gel stains are great because they are forgiving. You put it on and wipe the excess off with a rag leaving the creases darker.

Well that's it for now. I hope my lighting post did not bore you to tears. LOL I just love lighting, it is jewelry for you house and makes such a difference in the look of a room.

Have a wonderful day until next time!


  1. you have a lovely family. I am delighted to see you and you are very beautiful. Your house is gorgeous too (I know that's a lot of compliments once hihi) you represent me well for French, the American family's typical as I imagine the. you are just gorgeous every four hours every five forgiveness, we must not forget the dog. my friendships

  2. Thank you Weslaine, your comments are very sweet!

  3. Hi Jody: Your parents have the look of very kind do you! Thanks so much for the tour. I love all of your special lighting. It is the icing on the cake. Your home is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!


  4. You sure have a beautiful family! You have a wonderful smile! And I love talking about lighting right now. I wish you were close enough to help me find something for my master bath. We are going to try to tackle making changes in there this summer! I HOPE!

  5. Hello Jody, you are looking so good with your parents and husband and doggie. I do hope they had a wonderful visit, never easy to say good bye. I love everything about your home, wow this wonderful bathroom, all the lights are just great, I really have to say they fit beautifully. I have been laid up over a week now, something hit me, the Flu bug, started with sore throat and went into my chest, I am still coughing my head off, I hate being sick, especially I never get sick that often, thank goodness. Whatever it is what hit me is nasty. One week out of Order, nothing done, oh well, story of my life. Looking forward to your next creations soon.

  6. wow..what beautiful rooms!!! what GREAT natural light too!! LOVELY!!!


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