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Thursday, May 3, 2012

May flowers, Goats, Web Sale and other news!

Happy May my friends....

My May so far is looking like a never ending rain season, ya know the kind that makes rain forests!.....SIGH  The sun will be here to stay soon "I hope". I have newly planted flowers whose delicate rain petals are beat up!

I figure that even if I don't have too many exciting things going on in the craft room at the moment, I can still share what I have been doing.

I want to let you know that on my website I have a 10% off sale to my blog readers and the ladies who receive my newsletter, this will last through May.  speaking of newsletter, I need to get another one out, it has been too long now come to think of it! Anyhoo..... the code to get 10% off is "mayflowers10". Just type that in the box provided during checkout. I also have free shipping on my made up dolls for sale, this again is website only. This free shipping will last for a limited time. See my web link on the right side-bar.

The other day I had the priveledge of being invited to one of my customers goat farms to take some photos. The drive was gorgeous and her property is out of this world. This really is beautiful country I live in!  Many of her mama goats had young ones lately, I was more than happy to take my camera out. Of all the many shots I took, a short ton of them did not turn out, there were a few however that turned out okay so I thought I would share them with you all. A bit of advice ~ Never take pictures with mid-day sun, and make sure you have on the proper lens to do the job! I should have used my wide angle and the sun was a bit high in the sky, therefore I had to toss so many :-( that is the way though with photography, a few gems and jewels amongst the so so's.

Doesn't she/he look like such a happy goat? There is a smile in this little goats heart, her face shows it! Even if I am wrong, I'd like to believe it... Oh and I have been playing with an online photo editing software called Pic Monkey I usually don't use these type of programs, but this one really has some fun things to offer. I did my initial editing in my Nikon software like usual, but then popped the photog in pic monkey and added effects, frames and text. There are endless things you can do in this free program, check it out.

These little ones were born the night before this was taken. They are ready to go that fast!

Mama snuggles with her baby...cute huh?

 This older goat posed for me, I thought the expression here was a funny one! Is it my imagination.... or are goats  natural "SMILERS" LOL

Another little one....

A captivating profile...

 A little ways down the road I came upon this scene of sheep grazing, so peaceful don't you think?

I also stopped along the side of the road to take some pictures of these wildflowers that bloom here around this time every year. There is something about them I just love. These flowers are all over the place scattered about here and there. I am not sure what they are even called.

I stopped by my friend Christine's house and took this picture of her newly blooming tulips!

I also wanted to let you all in on some friendly to the environment cleaning products that smell sooooooo good! My friend Kim from Old Road Primitives sent me a surprise package with the three different products seen here. Thank you Kim for such a thoughtful and lovely gift!

 All these wonderful things are from a company called Farmhouse. Website: What I have here is Lemon Verbena, such a clean and simply scrumptious scent especially for the kitchen. I am sensitive to harsh scents and this one is very mild. On the far left is some hand soap, the middle shows the All Purpose Surface Cleaner and the far right is liquid dish soap. I have used them all now and am very impressed with these products. Check them out for yourself!

Have I been up to anything in the craft room? well..... no not at the moment. I will soon, but I guess I have been taking a small break. I need to get all those creative brain cells working again.

Thanks so much for stopping by!


  1. I love all of your pictures. The baby goats are my favorite, I think, although every photo is beautiful. You are so gifted!!! Thanks for sharing.

    Carol Abby says hi!

  2. I love your photography. The new editing is great.
    I have a soft spot for goats. When we were on the farm we had goats. They are so inquisitive.

  3. I'm so glad you posted these great photos - the goats are natural posers it appears!!
    Have a lovely day!

  4. What Beautiful photos! Those goats are adorable! Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful weekend!!!

  5. Hello Jody, thanks for posting this lovely pictures, so sweet and sending the newsletter to me today. Looking forward every time to see what is new in your world. Have a good weekend.

  6. Jody...
    You definitely have talent! Your pictures are beautiful and your dolls are fantastic.
    -Darlene xxoo

  7. Jody, you have such an eye for photography! Your photos are amazing! Thanks for sharing them with all of us! "Happy Cleaning"...if there is such a thing! Kim


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