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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Pattern # 7 and other thoughts....

Hello friends!

I signed in to my blog account to find out it has been updated! Now I am not one who is keen on change such as this. I feel like I finally really got all this blog stuff down, and they go confusing me with changes! I am sure it is all there, just have to figure out where it all is SIGH... Oh well, I am sure I'll catch on to the new system in no time. It kind of reminds me of the feeling you get when you walk into a store and find it has all been moved around. For me this sparks immediate irritation... We find comfort in sameness now don't we?

I have been MIA lately....yep, pretty much a BAD blogger. I sincerely hope my followers have not given up on me altogether! This is the hardest time of year for me to keep creatively motivated. I feel I have been going through a dry spell both mentally and creatively. I know that my fellow artists know just what I am talking about here.

I truly will be thinking about what fun things I can share with you in the upcoming months, not just what I am doing, but what I can offer.

I have finally finished pattern # 7, this one took at least 3 times longer than the last ones simply because I am dragging my feet right now. This little girls name is Abby! basically Cookies twin, the difference is Cookie hangs on the wall and Abby sits and has a skirt as well as an apron. So far I have her listed on Pattern Mart, I will as time allows get the pattern on all my selling sites.

Abby is 21" tall. I constructed her in such a way that the body and legs are done in calicos so once sewn, the body and clothes are done basically. There are no separate body and leg pattern pieces.

Here she is in full view, not a whole lot different than Cookie except she is not for the wall but sits. Her cute little crow apron is made from a Ewe n Me printable, printed on muslin ran through my ink jet printer.

I don't even want to look outside today, rainy, dark, grey and dreary. I am feeling soggy around the edges!

On another note..... for some reason certain gals comments on my blog I cannot respond to. What happens is I hit reply in my email and I only get some email like "" or something to that effect and no personal email. Now mostly this is not the case, I would say it is only happening with a small few. Still it frustrates me and I want to say that I would respond to ALL comments if I could. so just know that if you don't ever get a resonse from me, it is because I don't have your email to reply back. I appreciate the comments even so. One in particular is Weslaine, she visits my blog and always comments with such nice notes, but I cannot respond, Weslaine, if you are reading this I want you to know I appreciate each and every comment!!

Well I need to go and figure out what is next on my crafting agenda!


  1. I Miss Jody! Oh, I ~Love~ Abby! She's beautiful! Just an FYI...I've had the new Blogger Interface for a long time now and you can switch back and forth! I do, depending on what I need to do! I know, I'm one of those people who you can't reply to, for what reason, I'm still not sure! I know that you will email me if you need to! It's been a down pour here today! Sunny days to come! Kim

  2. Now why has my comment disappeared. I how you don't get the 1/2 done one.
    Your lovely Abby is a delight. I'm sure your creativity will come back very soon.
    Hugs Kay

  3. Well, I am sure you can probably already guess what I have to say about Miss Abby. She is amazing and absolutely adorable. I have the perfect place for her. I think I need to email you right now.


  4. Hello Jody,another one of your wonderful patterns, she is really cute. I just love your faces.
    I hate it also when everything is changed around, you get used to one thing and the next time you look at it has been done different. Who can keep up with that. We do not have time to constant changes, though they are good, but sometimes I do believe things should be left alone. I do hope you will snap out of your slump soon, I know the weather doesn't help either. One day we are in Summer, the next we have to put the heat on. Crazy. Have a good day and don't let the bad weather get in your way for doing your wonderful things.
    Your friend Hanni


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