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Saturday, March 10, 2012

A Few Of My Favorite Craft Room Supplies

Today I am going to share with you some of my must have craft room supplies! These are things I would be lost without and make my life a lot easier when I am creating. I am a supplyaholic so when I say the word "some" I really mean it!! LOL I have a room full of loved supplies, but these are the ones on my top list. What I am going to show you can be purchased at , , .

First up is waxed linen cord. It comes in 25 yard spools. Why do I love this? Sometimes even crochet thread can break if you are pulling it a bit too tightly. This happens to me a lot because I stuff my things very hard! I use this cord to anchor necks, arms or whatever I need anchored tight. It threads fine on my larger needles. It has a waxy coating that makes it so when you pull tight, it stays so you can knot it off without having trouble keeping it tight. It is just plain wonderful stuff and I have found many uses for it. I have tried  my best to pull and break this stuff and I can't do it. If you sell your dolls you want to be sure things won't come undone on your piece.

Barbara Willis Stuffing Forks, oh my if you only knew how wonderful these were you'd be ordering them today. They are a rigid metal with a notch on the ends. It grabs the stuffing in the ridge and pulls it anywhere you want to put it. Sometimes all I need to do to get it going is just push, in small areas with a smaller amount of stuffing, just give it a twist first and walla!! These come in extra small for tiny doll fingers and such, and the blue is the regular size which is what I use 98% of the time. If I can't find it I panic!! I simply would not stuff too small of things before this tool, now I can stuff anything. The best invention ever.
This is Air Tex Pemium stuffing, the absolute best stuff ! I have used them all and it really is as good as they say. This is the stuff  top doll designers use and it's for a reason! Regular craft store stuffing does not even come close to this. Some stores will carry the air tex, but it has to be the (Premium). It does not lump, feels nice and stays where you put it. I order it in the 5 lb box, shipping is reasonable and if you have a business license you can get this big box for 16 dollars and some change. Shipping UPS is 11.00 to 12.00 dollars.
Mica Flakes are what makes all my snowmen and Christmas projects sparkle and shine. These are like the old fashioned mica flakes were, they aren't white but a nice hue as you can see. Love this stuff for winter creating.
These are hemostats, lovely tools that lock shut when you pinch them tight. They grab those small areas and allow you to turn your projects right side out with little to not trouble. Mine is a medium length and slightly curved on the ends. I could not turn my pieces without this handy dandy tool!!
GRRRIP Gue is fantastic stuff! I beleive it's the dollmakers journey site that has a small demo on how you can use this to reinforce your seams like fingers etc... It is a flexible glue and super strong. This stuff will glue anything and is my second favorite behind fabri tac glue. This is a must have!
I am simply in love with fabri tac glue, and in my opinion no substitutes. There are a few times I need hot glue, but very little anymore thanks to this miracle glue. It is clear, non messy, glues doll hair perfectly, fabrics if you don't want to sew, just anything really. No more lumpy messy hot glue. On the bottle I beleive it says you can throw your hot glue away! Glues super strong and you simply cannot see it when it dries. I buy the largest bottle they make of this stuff.
I use a ton of glass glitter for my snowmen and winter projects, it is gorgeous. I use it along with the mica flakes and I also use a lot of glamour dust. I get the glamour dust and big jar of glass gitter at Michaels! Apply your micas and glitters over any surface you have sprayed adhesive or watered down grippp glue onto. I also have sprinkled these things over projects that were freshly coated with Delta's varnishes.
11-12 gauge aluminum wire is wonderful for adding wire to doll arms etc... flexible yet strong. I also like this 20 gauge copper wire. It depends on the project as to which one I use.

Last but not least is my beloved opti visor! Even if you think you can see just fine you would still love this if you tried it. I cannot see the details to paint, thread my needles etc.. without it. Fine eye lashes and crisp painted edges aren't possible for me without it.

I hope you enjoyed seeing some of my favorite tools!


  1. this was a veery interesting post to me. I do not make dolls or any of the stuff you make so it is neat to see what you use daily! Thanks for sharing, have a blessed week!

  2. This is the wonderful thing about girlfriends...they share their secrets! I have a pen and pad to write this down! Thank you my friend! ♥

  3. Hi Jody:

    Thanks for sharing the crafting information. I am certainly anxious to try the fabri tac. I use the same turning tools that you do. I agree that they make the job easy and painless.


  4. It is so lovely to see what other people use and cant live with out.
    I can't live with out my stuffer either.

  5. I feel like I'm using the wrong tool for stuffing after seeing the stuffers you use. All I have is a bamboo skewer. Great post! It's always fun to see what others are using to create their dolls, bears etc.


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