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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Clover A Prim Dust Bunny

Who says Dust Bunnies aren't cute anyway? My little dust bunny kindly disagrees. :-) I would like to introduce to you **Clover** A Prim Dust Bunny. Her pattern will be available in a few short days.

She is free standing and measures 12" tall. Her feet are dirty from playing in the garden!

Here's a closer look at her grubby little feet! Such cute bunny feet if I do say so myself. :-)

Her little tag is surely stating the truth here. :-) Can you see why I don't dust often? With bunnies this cute running around my house, who wants to dust them? Perhaps Spring cleaning isn't all it's cracked up to be...

Here is a better look at her cheese cloth waitband.

Instructions for making the feather duster are included in the pattern. She is so much fun to make! I am reluctantly going to say that this dust bunny doll will be for sale soon too. I would like to keep her, but will most likely adopt her out anyway. I am thinking that I may do a few extra's of these dolls to have for sale.

Thanks for taking a look at Clover.


  1. Aw, "Clover" is the cutest "Dust Bunny" ever! Can you send her to my house? :) She's my favorite so far! Of coarse, I've said that about each new pattern you've come out with! Hugs, Kim

  2. Hi Jody, Clover is the sweetest thing ever!!! I love her little dust mop and how you incorporated it into your creation and coming up with "Dust Bunny" so cleaver!!!! I have to agree with Kim, she's my favorite so far too!
    Excellent job!!! Hugs Mary

  3. Hi Jody , Your dust Bunny Clover is so wonderful, her beautiful face to her grubby feet, I love them all.

  4. Hi, Jody:
    Dust Bunny Clover is so pretty. Her feet are too darn cute for words.

  5. magnifique, je suis en admiration devant
    bravo vous êtes genial

  6. She came out great! I love that she is free standing. "Dust Bunny" - too cute! :)

  7. Oh my Gosh!!!!! I am in love!!!!!!!! Each doll is sweeter than the last (if that is even possible.) I love the combination of country and primitive coming together to create the perfect piece! You have done it again, my friend in a perfectly sweet way. Kudos for the sweetest "dust bunny" ever.

    hugs and sunny smiles!

  8. Clover is so cute and love her toes!

  9. Hi Jody, you did it again, what a sweet little bunny, I love her feet, they are great and of course the face. Just lovely!

  10. Clover is just too sweet.
    You are very talented.

  11. I don't know how I missed this post, but Clover is one sweet little Dust Bunny. Wished the ones in my house looked like her! ;) And at this time of year with my floors, my socks could match her feet! You are so talented and your patterns are so incredibly fresh and original. You definitely have an amazing gift for designing dolls! :)


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