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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Beatrice Bunny and my purchase!

Hello and happy Sunday!! I hope you have all found some reason to smile today... :-) I want to thank everyone for the nice responses I have recieved on my painting tutorial. This has inspired me to plan more of them in the near future. Stay tuned....

So far I have had a lot of sign ups for my current giveaway! a big thank you... There is only a few days left so if you haven't entered be sure to get in on it while you can.

I have finished my tutorial bunny and prototype doll to my next pattern. I want to give you a peek at her today. Her pattern is not quite ready, but will be soon.

FIRST of all I want to share my latest purchase!
 I am probably like most of you who are creative, we LOVE to own other artists goodes. After all don't we see our own creations ALL THE TIME? I am now the proud owner of this artist original!! Carol Stuck of Buttermilk Creek Farms makes darling mice with attention to every detail as you can see in the pictures. She will be unveiling her Spring mice soon. She is also planning her next giveaway! Head on over to her blog and check out what fun things she has going on.
CLICK HERE TO SEE CAROL'S BLOG! As you can see Gert and Dilly are adorable and trust me, even better in person. Carol takes pride in her work and it shows! I am so glad to own one of her works of art!
Here are some pictures of my Beatrice Bunny.

I had a hard time finding just the right fabric to make Beatrice apron out of, so what's a person to do? The only logical thing.... PAINT IT! I took some heavy muslin,  mixed up the paints to match the dress and made the checker board pattern you see here. I stained the muslin and also finished the apron off in burnt umber speckles made with my splatter tool. I made her collar in the same fashion as the apron, painted the edges and aged it.

Here is a better shot of the apron.

Here you can see the collar detail and yep I added teeth to this little bunny!!

I really like Beatrice side profile and how the shape of her head looks!

Thanks as always for stopping by my blog!


  1. Your bunny is delightful, and how lovely to have that little mouse residing with you.

  2. Hi Jody,

    Very your new bunny! Carol also does great work! Her Spring Mouse is darling!


  3. Beatrice is absolutely perfect! You are extremely talented!

  4. Love Beatrice's apron and collar. Looks like you found the perfect match!!!! Love your new "collectable"!!!
    Have a good week,

  5. It's so wonderful to have creations from other artists! I love these beautiful bunny! What detail! ♥

  6. Beatrice is sooooo AWESOME!!! I love everything about her!! So much beautiful detail!


  7. I Love your Beatrice Bunny. She is sooo adorable. I Love the look of the painted apron and collar. Very creative!
    I Love Carol's work. You 2 are very creative ladies.

  8. Oh, my heavens is your Beatrice Bunny beee-u-tiful. I love
    Carol's mice.

  9. Oh you lucky girl having one of Carol's mice, I love her work so much! Gert and Dilly are adorable, love them! I often paint muslin when I either don't have or can't find the material I want, it's easy to do and then you can get exactly what you are visualizing in your mind, great tip! Beatrice is beautiful, thanks for sharing your photos and can't wait for your next tutorial! Deb

  10. Your Beatrice is lovely! So talented, and love that you painted the material to suite her!

  11. Beatrice is great, and the mouse seems to be a wonderful new companion. How inspiring both are, thank you!

  12. Hi Jody, Oh my gosh Beatrice is the sweetest thing! I love how you painted the detail on her apron and collar. Both bunnies came out so adorable,I can't begin to pick which one I like best they are both wonderful! I am looking forward to the release of your pattern.
    Isn't Carol mice just the cutest things ever....I love all her lil' mousers! Look out at though, there like eating potato can't stop with just one! heheheh
    Enjoy the rest of your week!
    Hugs Mary

  13. Beatrice is adorable! And I love Carol's mice as well. *sigh* You girls are so darned talented!



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