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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Prim Annie Pattern, My Surpise Package and other news!

Here is a peek at the finished pattern prototype. Annie will be my first official pattern for sale! I have been sketching my own things for years, making up my finished designs to sell, so I am excited to start on this adventure of actually sharing my ideas in patterns as I come up with them. I will be making another doll to go with this pattern, one that shows the face not sculpted, different hair, a different looking painted face and apron. I will announce here when this Prim Annie pattern is available.

This Annie is a Sweet Bear Creek Whims Original Design (c) 2012

She sits completely by herself with a four piece body construction, no chair needed! Her head is made with a four piece pattern for a round head shape. This particular head was needle sculpted, there will be two versions to choose from in the pattern, one sculpted and one not. You cannot see the dimension in her face with a picture, so you'll have to trust me that it is needle sculpted. She was hand painted on her legs and face. She was coffee stained for a prim look. Her dress is homespun and apron is an antique doily, the heart is painted on. Her collar is also the antique doily. Rusty pins keep her apron on and rusty bells are on her shoes. Her hair is a wool blend. She is 12 1/2" sitting, and 22" to her feet. This doll will eventually be for sale!

She was a bit embarrassed, but I talked her into showing her underwear, front view and side view! Side view shows how round her body is which makes it sit so nicely.

Here is a closer view of the apron and painted heart!


I have to share something fun with all of you! I got such a nice surprise the other day when a package arrived for me from Carol Stuck! Was this my Birthday??? NO, did I do something to deserve this?? NO, it was simply kindness coming my way from a super sweet online friend... :-) Now aren't those the best kind of gifts to receive, the kind that are just because... YES!! She was so sweet for sending me some fun prim goodies to use for my crafting, I was so excited, and who wouldn't want to find a package at your door with treasures like this? Thank you Carol! Here you see two wonderful cheese boxes, look at the logos and colors still so vivid, I think I will make some seasonal things to fill them with. The cheese boxes are staying with me for my personal use. The vintage spools are beautiful, these will make some future project complete someday, that is if I can part with them, which is yet to be seen! Here they are..

Also, I have taken the pictures today for the first installment of pictures for my painting page. I will post here first then transfer them permanently to the painting tips page. The first round of pictures will show the equipment and brushes I use in the craft room for painting. Be looking for this within the week.

Thanks for stopping by my blog!


  1. OM Goodness!!! She is perfect in every way with her sweet little whimsical face. You should be proud....she is truly a wonderful work of art. I AM IN LOVE!!!!


  2. Oh My Gosh, Jody, your new Annie is adorable! Of coarse, I knew that she would be! You are going to "rock" the pattern world! Kim

  3. oh your raggedy is so cute..underwear and all..and I love the goodies you got from your friend too.)

  4. What a beautiful dolly! You are just so darned talented, my friend!


  5. What an adorable Annie!

    Stopping by from Etsy Blog Team.

  6. Sweet Annie! You do amazing work.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  7. Your first pattern of the adorable Annie is fabulous. I hope it goes well.

  8. Annie is so adorable, great pattern!

  9. Hello Jody, I was wondering why it was so quiet around your blog. Well, now I know, you have been a busy lady, love, love that doll. I will become your first customer to buy this pattern, so let us know when it comes available. She is wonderful. I love the body how it is done. Congrualtions on your first pattern.

  10. Your doll is simply adorable! What a sweet face and I love this size! And what sweet gifts from your friend! Our friends always know just what we will love! ♥


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