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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Holiday Happenings...

I do hope that you all had a very Merry Christmas! I have had a wonderful visit with friends and family. My two boys are home right now which is always a treat for us. I hosted Christmas Eve. dinner in my home, the menu included Pork tenderloin drenched in an apricot sauce, a rice dish with apricots, mint and slivered almonds, fancy salad, baked potatoes and more! We can't forget the appetizers, I think there were 4 in all. It was so much fun!

In our family we eat dinner, do a gift exchange and then play bingo for prizes. All in all is was a success, yes I was very very tired from all the work to get this together, and Christmas day I was not feeling to well, but I have recovered as of today. The hard part is having all the hustle bustle and then everything winds down and there is a bit of a let down. Tomorrow my oldest son travels home and then the day after my youngest son will go.

Here is a peek at my table before everyone arrived for dinner. On the plates you see our traditional party poppers.

The view from the other side. You can see outside and the winter wonderland we have going on out there!
Here is what I woke up to awhile back, if you look at my roof you can kind of tell how much snow there is. I think when we walked out in the yard it was to our knees!
Here is the view off my front porch, this was crazy! Out in front you see my flower planter almost completely engulfed.
My guests have arrived and plates are loaded. As you can see everyone is wearing funny paper crowns. I know it is silly but it is tradition and we get them in our party poppers.
 Here are my boys, Mitch my oldest on the left and Tyler my youngest on the right.
This is Christmas morning. I must be nuts for posting this picture.... why? here we are fresh out of bed, no showers and out of it. The look on our faces comes from the typical Holiday busy schedule and yes sugar and food hangovers.
This is my hubby Dan giving our furry kids thier stockings, this is probably the funnest part of Christmas for us! The dogs truly love getting toys and snacks
I will make that my last picture so I don't bore you all to sleep. As far as patterns or handmade's, well that had to be put away until the holidays are over. I will work on finishing up my next pattern soon and look forward to designing many new ones in the new year.
Happy New Year!

Monday, December 17, 2012

And The Winner Is....

The lucky winner of the blog hop giveaway and all it's lovely ornaments is........Carol of Buttermilk Creek Farms! Congratulations Carol. This has truly been Carol's year for winning giveaways, she has been blessed and I could not be happier for her! Carol happens to be one of my good online buddies and truly she is one of the sweetest, most lovely person you will ever meet. I know every ornament will be loved and appreciated, not to mention they are going to a home where they will fit in perfectly! My reindeer pillow is coming your way my friend.....


Monday, December 10, 2012

Sneak Peek!

I suppose I should wait until the pattern is completely done to reveal it, but I just couldn't wait to give you a peek at this little reindeer! I just finished him up today. This next pattern will feature the reindeer you see here and who else but Santa! I have yet to design the Santa, but can see him in my head. Like I said in an earlier post, I am not going to worry about what season it is and just do the patterns as I get time for them. This little guy is painted, yes I do spend a lot of time on the painted part of my designs, but that is entirely up to you. He could be a quick and easy project if you omit the painting and make a simple face and no fur. Here he is....

His little antlers are so much fun to make, I'll tell you just how I did them in the pattern! 

If you haven't already, sign up for the blog hop giveaway going on right now! See my post below or click on the sidebar picture to get the rules for signing up. 

Thanks for stopping by!

Mulit - Artist Blog Hop --- Begins Now!

Carly Smith from Boggy Bottom Bayou is hosting this event and
I am so happy to be a part of it!
This blog hop will run from Monday, December 10th through Sunday, December 16th. A winner will be picked Sunday night and announced on our blogs on Monday, December 17th!

Here are the rules to be entered to WIN!! Please follow all 3 rules!

1. You must visit each of the 7 blogs. (They are listed below.)

2. Once there, you must sign up to be a follower. If you already follow the blog, please say "I'm already a follower." in your comment to enter ... see Rule #3.

3. After you sign up to be a follower of the blog, you must leave a comment in the comment section asking to be put into the giveaway.
That is it! We will enter your name in the giveaway!
One lucky person wins it ALL!!

SO LET'S GET STARTED!!! ---- There are 7 Artist's participating. The above pictures are numbered according to the Artists listed below. They are:

1. Carly Smith (our Host) from Boggy Bottom Bayou -Carly is giving away a gorgeous set of vintage, mercury glass and lamp work bead ornaments. Oh so pretty and very vintage! As a BONUS ... (If she get's 20 new followers on her blog), Carly is giving away a 10" Santa in an adorable quilted outfit! (See middle picture #1) Love him!!
Click on the link below to go to Carly's blog.

2. LeeAnn Kress from Charmed Confections - I am giving away a cute set of six Charmed Confections Cupcakes in a holiday tin, along with 2 candy cane ornaments and 2 lollipop ornaments. All handmade! (See bigger pictures below!)
Click on the link below to go to my blog ( Hee Hee! You're already here!)

3. Jody Johnson from Sweet Bear Creek Whims - I am giving away a beautiful handmade reindeer pillow. (LeeAnn (above) loves her's .. she has one!) She says she won't want to part with it! I hope you think so too!
Click on the link below to go to my blog

4. Brenda Griffith from The Rusty Thimble - Brenda is giving away the sweetest snowman ornament that will grace your tree! Can you say ..."too sweet!"
Click on the link below to go to Brenda's blog

5. Mary Bell from The Mary -Mary's giveaway is a knitty bitty knit couture Santa sweater set. It comes with hanging hardware underneath that is a poseable wyreman made from recycled cat-5 wire. So cute! Santa needs one of these for his tiny elves!
Click on the link below to go to Mary's blog

6. Nicoletta Farrauto from Niky's Creations -Niky is giving away an incredible cross stitched pocket keep with a darling cross stitched reindeer and tree on it. So pretty! Love that you can put fresh herbs or sprigs of evergreen in it! It will smell so wonderful!
Click on the link below to go to Niky's blog

7. Hope Rayel from Hope Rayel Handmade Dolls - Hope is giving away a sweet, little angel doll ornament to fly around your Christmas tree this holiday season. Every tree needs a angel and this was is so sweet indeed!
Click on the link below to go to Hope's blog

Here is the big picture of my offering! Thanks for stopping by and Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Blog Hop Giveaway

I wanted to post a heads up for all of you who love get your name in on all the wonderful blog giveaways that happen this time of year. Carly of Boggy Bottom Bayou is hosting this newest giveaway.

The blog hop starts on Monday, December 10th and runs until Sunday, December 16th til 5pm pacific time. A winner will be picked that evening and announced on all the participating artist's blog sites Monday morning, December 17th!  
This will be another group effort .... one winner will take it all!! I should have all the rules for entering Monday, so hop on back here then to get yourself entered into this giveaway.  Here is my offering for this giveaway.

Have a great day!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Stuff I've been up to!

My poor little blog has been neglected lately I know! I just have not felt that I have had too much to blog about, or had anything worth telling. Sometimes though I wonder if even the mundane and seemingly boring things would be better than not posting! I do have a couple of tid bits to share so here goes.

First off I am excited to say that I was contacted by Jennifer of Prims Publication asking me if I had anything to share with them for the 2013 May publication! Well after picking my somewhat lifeless body up off the floor, I was able to process what just happened. This has been something I have wanted to be involved in for quite sometime so needless to say I am thrilled beyond words to be given this opportunity.

 This will be a first for me! Prims is a special publication that comes out three times a year, is full of prim eye candy so to speak! If you have never picked up this high quality, nicely done magazine you really should!

 I quickly got to work on a piece I thought was appropiate for Spring. After some emails back and forth we agreed I would send my bunny. This comes from my clover pattern except I made a completely different head for it. She is all packed up and ready to be sent to Prims tomorrow.

Now to be able to wait clear until May for this publication just may kill me!! Patience is not one of my virtues.
I also want to share the project my sweet hubby just got done for me. I do wish I had a before picture of the unorganized mess this wall was. I had all my things thrown in an open metal shelving sytem and it was just plain a headache and ugly. These upper and lower cabinets are a dream now because not only do they look good, they are functional. I can hide all the unsightly supplies behind cabinet doors now. Here they are.
I do feel bad that I had to stack stuff on the top of these cabinets, but frankly I just have too much STUFF! I have gourds that one day I hope to sculpt snowmen and santas on. On the right side I have antique store teapots that I one day hope to make into one-of-a-kind treasures. What this adventure has taught me is I have got to stop buying and start using up these supplies. I had no idea how bad it was until I tore into this. When your supplies start taking over everything and start driving you mental, it is time to re evaluate. I was so disorganized that I kept forgetting that in the mess I had things like glue sticks and spray finish. I would keep buying them thinking I was out. Do you know that I have enough glue sticks to supply the entire country with thier gluing needs for probably a year. LOL! I discovered that I will not have to worry about folk art matte finish for probably five years.
This antique cabinet is now housing my newly folded fabrics, this is an amazing site considering the piles of scrunched up and unorganized fabrics these recently were. It feels good now to gaze at this cabinet, I can actually see what fabrics I have and what colors they are! I just hope I can keep it this way. Do you know that I have close to 200 yards of fabric here.... no I am not kidding. Again here is an example of buying too much! I forget what I have and keep buying muslin and more homespun and I need it like a hole in the head.
The fact that I had the room torn apart and re-done, the prims surprise and other things, put a damper on my Christmas patterns and handmades. I am not sure now how much I will get done before Christmas. I do hope you all can find some organization if you need it, I know for me it holds my creativity back if I am drowning in my mess!
Thanks for stopping by and letting me share the recent happening here at Sweet Bear Creek Whims!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Blog Giveaway

I wanted to share another give away that my friend Mary of Marmmies Mammy's And More is doing. This give away goes from now until Dec. 7th, the winner will be announced on the 8th. Mary's things are simply adorable so you won't want to miss getting signed up to win these sweet Christmas goodies!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Spirit Of Christmas Celebration

I wanted to let you all know about the OFG Etsy team Spirit Of Christmas Celebration! This starts today and goes through December 16th. Go to Etsy and type  SOCOFG in search to see all the wonderful Christmas items made by many talented members of the OFG team.

In other news.. I am knee deep in a craft room mess! I have no organization in there at all and it is effecting my productivity. My sweet hubby is installing some lower and upper cabinetry in my hobby room and is badly needed. I am giddy with excitment as the possibility of some sort of remedy to the Chaos. Until it is all put away it is a jumbled up mess, so I am not getting a lot done now, but am itching to get working on my next pattern! I wish I had taken a before picture, but will surely post pictures here when it is done.
I hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving, if you ate so much you thought you may pop, then it was a success. I am thankful for the day spent eating well and spending time with family.
Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

I want to pop in here and wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! I also want to congratulate Kim of Valley Primitives on winning all those ornaments in the giveaway!
As Thanksgiving Day rolls around,
It brings up some facts, quite profound.
We may think that we're poor,
Feel like bums, insecure,
But in truth, our riches astound.
We have friends and family we love;
We have guidance from heaven above.
We have so much more
Than they sell in a store,
We're wealthy, when push comes to shove.
So add up your blessings, I say;
Make Thanksgiving last more than a day.
Enjoy what you've got;
Realize it's a lot,
And you'll make all your cares go away.

I will surely miss my family and friends tomorrow, but am grateful for the family I will spend Thanksgiving with. Since 2007 we no longer live around my parents, brother, older son and some great friends I left behind, so holidays have changed for me a lot! I have fond memories of earlier days, I can see the gatherings, the smell of turkey the laughter and all the fuss over dinner! Over the years some pass on, move on or move away, the scenery and holidays changes as life goes on. I miss those days but also relish the new memories to be made in the here and now.

 I will admit, I can be bad about letting the problems of the day cloud my vision, so much so that I no longer can see the through the thorns to see the lovely bouguets that are actually gathering in the day. At the end of the day I thought was so problematic, I stopped and asked myself what beautiful things of the day I had missed, what bouguets had been gathered that I didn't even see. I started thinking about the things I could be thankful for; low and behold I had a lovely bunch of  flowers smiling at me amongst the thorns! I am not talking about big obvious things really, it could be a snuggle from the dog = 1 flower for the bouguet, a kind word, blue sky, warm bed, a special hug... one here and three there in the end equals one lovely bunch. I hope you take a look and see the the lovely things of today and know we all have so much to be thankful for.

Happy Thanksgiving

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Snowman Postcard Freebie!

There are only a few days left to sign up for the ornament giveaway, be sure to get your name in the pot! Scroll down to see the giveaway blog post.

Here is another postcard freebie, like the last one they measure 3.5 x 5" each. Click on the picture to get the download.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Post Card freebies

I am offering a free download to all who may be interested. This is for a set of 4 holiday postcards done with vintage images. The size of the postcards is 3.5" x 5". Print them on cardstock and set your printer to high quality for best results. Click on the picture to get the download.

Hint: on pictures like these I like to take clear scotch brand glue, the one that has the double ends. I use the end that has the sponge like applicator and dab glue here and there and sprinkle fine glass glitter or glamour dust on the glue before it dries. I love adding some shimmer to these festive pictures, give  it a try!

Thanks to all who have signed up so far for the ornament giveaway! the response has been wonderful. I am already envious of the winner!
my latest ornament pattern is available now, click on the picture of it on my left sidebar to purchase.
I am not sure how we are almost upon Thanksgiving, but low and behold it is almost here! I wish the years would slow down some, but they are just speeding up...YIKES!
Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Blog Hop Ornament Giveaway!

Welcome to the Blog Hop Ornament Giveaway!
One winner will win all the ornaments donated by many talented bloggers! You will sign up on each blog to be eligible to win all of them. Go to to find all the blogs participating!
Be sure to sign up for my ornaments while your here!simple My rules are simple ... Follow this blog and comment to this post. Share the collage picture on your blog, Facebook etc.. for an extra chance to win! If you can.... Like Us On Facebook! My link is on the upper right side bar. Here are the ornaments I will be donating.
Collage... Look at all those wonderful ornaments!!!
The giveaway will run from November 12th Thru November 18th. The winner will be announced on 19th.
Good luck to you all!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

November PFATT offerings

Hello ladies,

I have to apologize for being gone so long from blogging, I do think the winters blues are getting me! I struggle to find all the time and energy I need to get things done and stay organized! What a dream it would be to actually get done what my mind's eye sees me doing.... ah one can only dream. I talk about Winter, but the full winter's chill has not hit here where I live yet, there are days it actually has warmth to the sun yet. The plants don't know wether to bloom again or die.

For those of you who buy my patterns,  I do have more Christmas ideas floating around in my head and will have something new to offer hopefully soon.

Here is what I will have to offer on Pfatt Marketplace on November 10th. I am not taking early sales so take note of the date. The first emails that show up in my inbox requesting my items will be served first! I have two snow girls made from my latest (Crystal) pattern and another snowman made from my prim winter friends pattern to offer.

This little gal is holding a fake cupcake and wearing holiday stripes.
You all have seen Crystal, well she is for sale this month as well! She holds a LED battery operated prim taper candle that was encrusted with german glass glitter. Both these snow girls are 18" tall.
This snowman is 14" tall and can be hung on the tree or wall. He can also be tucked into any corner or shelf as well. He is ready for the next winters storm with his shovel!

My friend LeeAnn Kress of charmed confections was nice enough to send me this lovely set of her handmade cupcakes! Aren't they the sweetest.... she does such a great job, they are done to perfection and the little adornments on them could not be cuter. The little candy canes and candies are actually clay which boggled my mine, they are sooooo tiny. Check out LeeAnns blog and don't forget to check out her pfatt marketplace page this month for what is sure to be an adorable new creation. Her link on pfatt is also Charmed Confections.

I wish you all a wonderful day and happy creating!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Feedsack Pillows

I got distracted lately and went off my normal course and decided on a whim to make these feedsack pillows. I have some really neat feedsack panels that I was trying to decide just what to do with when my creative lightbulb went off and I came up with these. I really like them and have many more styles I will be doing. For now I have five to show you, they are available for sale on my website. Each pillow is adorned with a little (something) and are 11.5" tall by 7.5" wide. I added some handpainted shading here and there where I felt needed some pop. There are also touches of german glass glitter.

Well that's it for now!! Thanks for taking a peek!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

WI-Fi Radio Frequency Card

I want to alert you all in case you are not aware of this, I sure wasn't until I received an email with this You-Tube video. Many new credit, debit cards and yes even pass ports are being made with a chip inside the card. I looked and low and behold I own two of these cards! Watch the video so you can tell if you have one. It looks as if you can request a card without it, but you have to know about it first.

If you do have an RFID chip in your card, all a hacker has to do is scan your purse as he walks by and he has all the info he needs! This is very concerning for sure. There is something you can do and I have already done it. There are now sleeves you can purchase that block this frequency so the bad guys cannot scan it. The information for this is also on the video. I am sure many of you already are privy to this, but I had no clue at all!

Be Safe!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Meet Crystal my next pattern

Hello.... I wanted to pop in here and let you all know what's been cooking in the craft room! It is amazing I'm even am this far considering how little time I've had to actually create lately. I want you to meet my sweet little snow girl, her name is Crystal. She stands about 17" tall and is holding a LED taper candle in her wired arms. I love her blue eyes and little dress. I am not sure she will actually make it online for sale, but I am already started on another one for that purpose. The good news is that she is actually my next pattern and I almost have it finished so if you prefer to make one yourself you'll get to soon. She was a lot of fun to put together, and of course putting on the final sparkle is one of my favorite things to do. Be looking for her pattern within the week.

These baby blue eyes are not the typical snowman eyes I do, but am loving them on her.
Take a look at the candle, I added glass glitter to it and it added the pizaaz I was looking for.
I now have these tapers on my website. I have more sizes and colors coming too. You can find the mica flakes, glass glitter, rusty bells, snowflakes and snowflake ornament hanging form her arm on my website as well.
I discovered that using the large spice containers from Costco for putting mica flakes in works pretty good for storing and applying the mica flakes. I decided today that the only way to know for sure if you're done with the sparkle process, is when not only the snowman, but YOU and your entire craft room are covered from head to toe with glitter!!
Well it's late so I am heading to bed! Tomorrow is the end of the Winter Wonderland giveaway, now the fun begins and we find out who won all those sweet prizes.
Thanks for stopping by...

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

And The Winner Is......

Hello Ladies! I wanted to pop in here to announce the winner of my Fall Giveaway! And The Winner Is.............

Amy of Bumble Bee Lane! Congratulations Amy...:-)

Please contact me with your address and I'll get this mailed out so you can enjoy him before Fall is over with!

A big thanks to all who entered this giveaway and all the new followers. :-) In case you are wondering if there will be more giveaways to come..... the answer is YES!

Brenda of The Rusty Thimble is still taking entries for her huge Winter Wonderland giveaway that ends Oct. 21st. Don't miss out! The link is on my left sidebar.

What is in the works? I have a very sweet snowgirl in the works, she will be my next pattern so stay tuned!

Have a blessed day

Friday, October 5, 2012

A Birthday Card to remember...

It was my Birthday recently and like they do for every occasion, my dogs picked out a card for me like the sweet furry kids they are. They are thoughtful that way and I really appreciate it. This year  they got me a card that makes me ask the question ~ what was in thier furry heads when they picked this card out? I mean most of the time I get the cards about how much they love me and all, but this one.... well I am not sure what the point or motivation was. I'll let you see just what I am talking about.
Do they want to start living outside in a doghouse? Perhaps they want us to move to a new location? Or maybe they just wanted to give thier momma a good laugh! It certainly did make me laugh, I thought this card was hilarious so I wanted to share it here. But really the thought of this made me take pause and say EEEWWWEE!! This is true is it not? We would not tolerate people doing this. That's it!!! I am going to the doggy boutique and buying three pairs of darling little doggie undies. Here is the inside...
Arent they sweet the way they sign it too, one of my dogs has artistic talent as you can see, pretty good huh?

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Tea Pot Snowman

As always when I finish something I like to do a little show and tell! This One-Of-A-Kind snowman will be for sale this month on Pfatt Marketplace Oct. 10th. Out of fairness so everyone has a chance, there are no early sales for my Pfatt offerings. Basically the first email I receive after 10 am on the 10th. is the person who can purchase my items.
I am so in love with this one! I had a ball making it as well. I found this old tea pot ages ago in an antique shop knowing I would do something similar with it. It was soooo ugly, but I knew that a good scrubbing, sanding and paint job would do the trick. In case you can't tell from the picture, this tea pot has snowflakes painted all over it. This little guy is appropriately holding out a sugar cube in one hand and his sugar dipped spoon in the other. His tag say (Snowmint Tea) Inside the tea pot there are snowballs and pieces of chenille candy canes! His arms are wired so they can be positioned. Unfortunately this tea pot snowman is perfect in my kitchen, so there will be some pain involved in selling it.
A closer view....
This project has inspired me to find more tea metal tea pots since I can now see the possibilites! I guess an antique store visit is in order.
Thanks for taking a peek at my show and tell....

Stocking pattern finished!

Good morning! a quick note before I start my busy day! Thanks to all the ladies who have come here and commented on the Winter Wonderland giveaway AND to the the new followers!

While your visiting, don't forget to also sign up for my Fall giveaway, it will be ending October 15th. Click on the picture for the original post and the rules for entering.
I also finally found out why I cannot always respond to all comments. If your google account email is not ENABLED there is no way I or any other blogger can respond or get back to you. It is possible you don't even realize you need to do this, so check it out. Please leave your contact information on posts, especially giveaways so we know how to contact you.

I am happy to report that just yesterday I finished this snowman stocking up. He is a cutie and a lot of fun to do! What's next? Hmmmmm that is yet to be determined. Do you ever do your best thinking in the middle of the night when you should be sleeping? That unfortunately is when I come up with more ideas, I may have dark circles under my eyes, but by golly I have my next pattern swimming around in my head. LOL

Right now I do have to get my October Pfatt Marketplace offering finished, I am down the wire since the 10th is coming at me in a hurry.

Have a great day and even if you may not feel like it......SMILE!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Winter Wonderland Giveaway!

You'll want to get in on this one! there are 24 prizes to win, with items donated by 23 artists! Brenda of The Rusty Thimble is hosting this giveaway.
There are many chances to win! Brenda has a list of the ways on her post about this. If you comment on this blog post, as well as follow my blog , that will be two extra entries! My contribution is the gingerbread man in the first set of pictures here. Brenda really will be checking this. Okay, here are pictures of the lovely things you could win. NOTE: I am having my own Fall giveaway here, see my sidebar to enter that one!
There will be links to each of these pictures on the Rusty Thimble Blog so you can visit each blog.
 One person will also win a 20 dollar gift certificate to use on the blog of thier choice! I hope you will visit all the artists blogs, comment and follow!! Have fun....

NOTE: I always reply to all who post on my blog, but if you do not get a reply from me it is because when I go to respond, the email that pops in there looks like this (Marilyn( I have no idea why this is. So if I don't respond, it is because I can't, this frustrates me. One day I hope I'll know the answer. Luckily not very many are like this.

Sunday, September 30, 2012


I thought it was time to have another blog giveaway! I have three fun items for this giveaway. See the rules for entering below.

 A little story on the pumpkin votive holder. I made this sweet little guy in 2011, for some reason he has not sold. He has been looking at me from across the craft room in dismay; wondering why he is still an orphan!! I told him that I would find him a good home once and for all. He is looking forward to being adopted. He is a one-of-a-kind sculpt made by me out of paperclay on a wood base that I hand painted. If you look at him closely you will see that I made a mistake with the way the eyes are looking, can you see it? Oh well... none of us are perfect right? Here is what you could win....
An adorable prim snowman note pad, one of my handmade raspberry lemonade scented soaps and a pumpkin with a removable glass votive or tea light holder.
Rules to enter are...
1. You must be a follower of this blog or a new follower.
2. Comment to this post if you'd like to be entered into this drawing and how many entries you qualify for.
NOTE: I respond to every comment I can. If you do not have your google email account enabled, I will not be able to respond to your comment. Please leave your contact info. in your comment if this is the case, that way if you win I can actually contact you. Thanks!
** For EXTRA  ENTRIES into this drawing here is what you can do.**
Grab my picture and post it to your blogs sidebar with a link back to this post. Do a post about this giveaway. = 1 extra entry
(Like) my Facebook page, see the link on the right upper side bar here. = 1 extra entry
Add my blog to your blog roll = 1 extra entry

That's 4 possible entries total. I will be drawing the winner on October 15th and announcing it on Oct. 16th.

Thanks so much for joining in on the fun!

Show And Tell!

A little bit of show and tell here! I am having a Birthday tomorrow and my sweet friend Carol Stuck of Buttermilk Creek Farms sent me these sweet presents! She is such a sweetheart for even sending me anything. I loved my gifts and wanted you all to see them too! We shall not mention however how old I really am...
Now this made me crack up laughing!! This is a box of stationary with the most adorable things on it as you can see. Just so happens that I can relate to the saying, tee hee, yep I have plenty of days that I can agree with feeling a bit witchy!! LOL This reall made me smile....:-)
But that was not all, I also got a "I am feeling witchy" cup so when the cards are gone I can still get a chuckle from drinking my coffee in this cup. And we all know how lucky I am to have received this super cute Christmas mouse!! anyone who owns Carol's work knows.... it is simply adorable. Carol makes the cutest things and has a magic touch with everything she creates! This litter mouser  is holding a tiny rolling pin and a gingerbread cookie. She has on a tiny gingerbread cookie mix apron. I simply LOVE  everything my sweet friend. Check out CArol's blog by finding the link I have for her on my left side bar.


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