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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Prim Snowman Stocking!

Here is a sneak peek at my latest project, this will be one of my Pfatt Marketplace items for the month of December. He is my own design, and will also be one of the E-patterns I plan on offering this coming year along with the snowgirl ornie pictured on my blog. I am not sure when my first patterns will be ready, but be assured after the Holidays I will be working on just that!
I am not sure you can call him a snowman, he seems more boyish to me! He is all snuggled in in his felt stocking and wears a stained cheesecloth scarf. I love the fabric I found for the cuff, I found it at Hobby Lobby and for the life of me I cannot remember what they called it, but it is the neatest stuff with all it's loopy texture. He has rusty wire for arms, rusty bells, snowflakes and a cinnamon star. His sweet face is handpainted and finished off with fine glass glitter and his nose is a twistie pod. Everything was pretty much stained for a prim look and sparkled up with mica and glass glitter. His stocking is full of candy cane sticks, berries, pinecones and greenery.

He was so much fun! but when I do these projects, you can only imagine what my craft room looks like, this time of year there is glitter in every form on everything in there!! Not such a bad thing since I LOVE glitter. I do have to finally clean up when I no longer can see my table!

Well my tree is in the house, no decorations YET, but hopefully I will get the motivation to do it. I have collected snowman "not mine ironically" from different artists and will post some pictures soon to share what my favorties are. I enjoy other artists works, and never keep my own, but that is how it goes, guess I figure I can always make some things for myslef, but it never happens.

Have a blessed Wednesday!


  1. The glitter makes all the difference! He is cute and frosty and I love his stocking! I have stuff out to make something but haven't narrowed it down! lol ♥

  2. Jody, your snowman stocking is just TOO cute! LOL

    I'm still amazed at your talent...


  3. Hi Jody, Your "Snowman Stocking" is way cute!!! I'm like you, I have kept very little of my handmade items! Sending a little "Christmas Spirit" your way! Kim

  4. Love the snowman stocking. He's adorable.

  5. I'm a new follower from seeing you on Kim's blog. Your work is very pretty, the faces you paint are so sweet.
    Your little boy snowman in the stocking is awesome. It looks like real snow has fallen on his hat!


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