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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Last few Christmas projects...

Well Christmas is coming at me at break-neck speed, so I am getting what last few projects I can done! Here is a peek at a few of them...
I am excited to finally be finishing this sweet snowman picture. I say finally because he has been staring at me for at least a couple years now, yep you heard that right! I had his face and scarf done, and just moved on to other things, he has been on a stand under my table all this time. I knew one day I would just pick him up and finish him, and so I did! He is handpainted on a canvas, his frame is wood that I handpainted to match. I will put him for sale this month on my Pfatt Marketplace page. He is 11 X 14.

I am terrible with lettering, but I found a new use for my Cricut, I simply cut out the letters on cardstock, took my pencil and traced around  and painted them! I do love my cricut, it has so many uses.

Tole painting like this is something I really like to do, but I have so many "likes" that I can't stay with one type of creating for long, so I go back and forth with what I do. After working on him, it reminds me of how much I enjoy it though, I will be looking to do more projects  with tole painting on them soon since I have the bug again.

 It is so hard for me to do just one thing, I simply can't do it, there are way too many ways to create, and I must do them all! Finding the time to fit all of them in is the problem. If it interests me, there is nothing off limits. Is it possible to have crafting ADD? One thing that has always been consistent is my love for my paints and paint brushes, I almost always use painting in my projects to some extent. I have an embarrassingly huge supply of brushes and paints, I never want to be caught without one or the other, it would be an emergency ya know. All this creating and supply buying is cheap mental therapy, simply priceless...

Here a couple of projects I recently finished, I thought I would at least share them even though they are already sold and have homes.

As you can see, they are similar to some I had done recently with some slight differences.

I wish you all a wonderful upcoming weekend!


  1. Hi Jody,
    Love your work. I, too, have ALOT of paint and brushes. You can never have enough paint and brushes!!! lol I must have crafting ADD too, cause right now, I want to sew something!!!! There are too many things out there to make!!

  2. Hi Jody, I LOVE your new items! You are so talented! I too, like to paint my items! I prefer painted faces over embroidered faces any day! Your "snowman" shipped out today! You know what I'm talking about! Shhh, don't tell ???! Kim

  3. Your work is so, so good. I love the little girl painted faces. Are they cloth dolls painted or, on a board or canvas. They are amazing.

  4. Beautiful work - you are talented at so many crafts!
    Crafting ADD sounds likely! LOL!

  5. Jody, I love love love your new pretties! Your tole painting is absolutely lovely. And your dollies, well, 'nuff said. I think you should just pack them all up and send them to my house!

    I think I have the same form of ADD that you do, which is exactly why my Hubby is shaking his head at my new quilting/sewing addiction. He's hoping it lasts until springtime so he can actually see some work come out of it! LOL


  6. They have the sweetest faces! I love them! Enjoy your weekend...and your crafting! I hope I can do something, too! ♥

  7. I see that you love Jamie Mills-Price designs as I your dolls!


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