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Thursday, December 15, 2011

By Thier Hands...

I can probably assume that most of you are like me, and you treasure those things made for you by the hands of loved ones and friends the very most! What we creative types want you all to know, is the assumption that just because we create, means we would not, or should not receive anything handmade, well.... is just completely wrong. Because we create, we appreciate the handmade's much more than store bought, who would not want a gift made with love instead of made in China? Because I create, I appreciate the time, effort and beauty in these things even more, I embrace the unique way art is created by other hands, not just my own.

Here are some things I would love to share that have been handmade for me, things I treasure!
This sweet doll was made by my Mother several years ago for me. This doll is very special to me, she was done after I moved away and a sweet reminder that no matter where I go, I belong to her! She is my favorite doll, done by hands that care for me, on her dress edge is embroidered a saying: Wherever you go ~ Whomever you see ~ Remember ~ that you belong to me.

My Father handmade this super fun board game for me last year! It is a beautiful board, done with the skill my father has for things like this. This is a game called marbles, a four person game and just plain fun! My Dad likes to tinker with wood, and has made so many neat things over the years, you should see his fishing nets! He, just like my Mother creates things with care and they both have a lot of creative skills.

This adorable oil painting was given to me just yesterday by a dear friend of mine, Christine! Is he not the cutest most whimsical Santa? I can just hear him saying ~ HO HO HO! I adore him. Christine is a talented oil painter, photographer and makes the best friend anyone could wish to have! Yep I am lucky!

My Brother made this sweet music box for me many many years ago, it plays a Christmas tune and has inlaid wood pieces on the top. I love this little box, it is special for many reasons to me, the main one being it came from his hands. This guy is very talented, anything he trys, he can just do... he is a perfectionist with his projects like I am and we are all or nothing kind of people! He makes gorgeous archery bows from scratch, they are works of art, he has made knives from scratch, he can sketch wonderful pictures of birds or anything really.

Here is an example of my Mothers beautiful knitting, she knits the most wonderful things! I was the very lucky recipient of this wool purse she knit not too long ago! Knitting is something I admire so very much even though I do not do it myself.
This is a picture that my son Tyler painted for me in school several years back. I love this picture! It was painted and then branches put on somehow to make it dimensional. Now he does not like doing artwork not even one little bit, he did this in a class, and I will never see any painting from him again I can be sure. I am happy to have this one, it speaks to me, there is just something about it, and I could not love it more since it came from his hands. The blue is brighter here than it is in actuality.

Now this little snowman is not handmade, but I have to include it in my favorite things. This was given to me by my dear friend Tanya, she said she just had to get it because there was something about it that was just "ME" and she was right, I love him in his vest, stocking hat, skates and plenty of sparkle!

This is one of my first dolls, I have had many, but this little raggedy is a large part of my childhood memories. She was handmade for me by a lady I have never met, and given to me by my aunt when I was very young, she became my absolute favorite! I loved the Raggedy Ann and Andy stories, I really did believe that Raggedy Ann would get up and dance about at night and come to life, didn't you? She would get up and raid the cupboards and eat peanut butter, I swear I could see a bit by her mouth. I had baby dolls sure, loved them too, but this little raggedy I am most fond of. I am so glad to still have her!

Don't know why I am throwing this one in really, but he does belong in my favorite things list, even though he does come from Costco!! LOL I bought him many years ago, I do love him even though he was mass produced, I am sure there are many out there who have the same one! He is a very large snowman.

I also want to end this post by saying that even though I do not have anything on hand, my oldest son is very talented with his hands too. He is very creative, loves to paint, has dabbled in photography and is talented in computer graphics. I guess many of us in this family really do have a natural creative spirit.

I also want to say that I have a special box in my storage of all the special handmade things the kids have made for me in school, I love them all! I want to thank my friend Tanya for all the wonderful handmade greeting cards you have sent me over these past years, I have enjoyed them immensely. My hubby does not do artwork really, but I still use to this day the wonderful sewing machine cabinet he made for me many years ago!

Make someone's day and give them a gift from your hands, there is nothing more special! I better stop before I end up boring you all to tears!! thanks for taking a peek and stopping by my blog.


  1. They are all delightful, and memory provoking for the receiver. It is that time of the year when we take stock of how lucky we are to have friends and family.
    Christmas hugs

  2. Such my dad still has the picture I painted him in 6th grade.Not the best but at the time I thought I was going to be a artist.LoL.Handmade gifts are surely from the heart.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  3. The handmade things are always what we treasure most! You have so many treasures to enjoy and cherish! It's a perfect time to surround ourselves with what's important to us. Happy holidays! ♥

  4. Hello Jody,

    these are beautiful treasures you have, I love them all. The doll is so special with the embroidery, what a need idea, only a Mother can think of something like that. I am glad you are taking these special pieces out for display and surrounding yourself and the family with handmade gifts!Thanks for sharing!

  5. Jody, you truly have such a creative family...I'm now convinced more than ever that it must run in the genes.

    My family tree has a teensy creative gene that flits from branch to branch, however most don't seem to use it very much. My sister the writer is an exception; she has followed her muse and I admire her tremendously for that.

    The motto that your mother embroidered on the doll she gave you is incredibly special!


  6. I'm glad I stopped by to travel down memory lane with you! Such beautiful hand made treasures. And you're so right, unless you create, you really don't realize all the time and love that goes into the process.
    Have a blessed Christmas!
    ~ Debbie

  7. Hi Jody,
    Wishing you and your family a very happy Holiday season!


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