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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Windows to the soul...

We've all heard the phrase "The Eyes Are The Windows To The Soul" This wonderful barn near where I live, has haunting, tired eyes that have seen better days, stories to tell if only he could, he has an old soul! This is a picture I took last winter, this barn is one of my favorites in the area, it may sound silly, but it speaks to me. I love this barn, I just can't explain my affection for it, he has a face, can you see it? He sags from having to stand at attention for so many years, he has seen so many things, I imagine and wonder what they might be. I can almost see a faint smile under his eyes. I drive by him regularly and "feel" him looking at me. I am very sad because you can see he does not have many more days left, they are coming to an end. I am grateful I have some pictures of this piece of history. This picture came to mind today since in the past couple days we must have gotten over a foot of snow, and it keeps on falling. It is a winter wonderland out there! This is an early arrival for all this snow.

My crafty news is really pretty boring, I have no new things to show and tell simply because I am trying to get my special orders done. I am almost there! This is my favorite time of year for crafting since snowmen and winter things are my favorite to create. I also get frustrated this time of year, so many ideas and plans, but not enough time ultimately to do them.

 Only a few days left until I draw the winner for the giveaway! I think I will give the first place draw the choice between prize one or two and do it that way. I wish you all a wonderful Saturday!


  1. What a lovely barn, and a great shot! Yes, he does seem to have a sad face; those windows look like very sad eyes.

    We have about 20" on the ground here in our little mountain in Northern Idaho. This is our first winter here, and our first big snow, and boy was it a learning experience. Lesson #1: If it snows 6", plow it! Because tomorrow it may snow 10". Lesson learned!


  2. That is a gorgeous photo. It looks like a painting. Definitely worthy of being blown up and framed. I would miss him too if he decided to give in to the demands of the weather. Makes me wonder how many winters that he has seen. *sigh*

    Just a suggestion. My son takes down barns for local residents and builds some cool prim items out of them. (I am lucky to have some remnants of these wonderful fallen buildings in my house!) If he should fall, perhaps the property owners would let you have a little barn board out of him... Even if you had to give them a little money for it. Wouldn't it be wonderful to have a piece of him in your home? Just something to think about, should the situation present itself. :)

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful photo. I love looking at old barns! :)

  3. What a wonderful old barn and a beautiful picture!

  4. This photo is worthy of being made into a painting or put on the front of a Christmas card. It really is a beautiful old barn.


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