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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Thanksgiving is right around the corner!

Now I am just positive that this is what we'll all be looking like right before Thanksgiving! refrigerator looking well, pretty much like that right??? Ha, I don't think so.... what a picture, she smiles in pride at her fully stocked fridge, neat dress and of course high heels for cooking all that food, I mean what else would one wear to cook in all day? I got a kick out of this picture and thought you might too, get us all in the mood for Thanksgiving day feast.

I am excited, soon I will be posting my blog give away, it is just the cutest gingerbread doll, you can almost smell the cinnamon and sugar coming off her! I will have one for the blog and hopefully a couple more to sell. Stay tuned, she'll be here very very soon...

I can just smell the snow in the air here, it is coming soon. I am a fan of snow, love the beauty of fresh clean fallen snow, a winter wonderland. I love snowmen too, so that really gets me in the mood to pull all my snowmen out from there long summer's  hibernation. I keep my snowmen out almost all winter long, and am sad when they go back into storage. Well, it is off to paint, stuff and create!!


  1. Hello Jody, looking forward to your new creation!
    Boy, I wish I had a fridge stocked that well, no room to spare!

  2. My fridge is packed but not well stocked. I need to spend some quality time with it and soon. I love snow and snowmen too. Some of mune stay out all year. I'm looking forward to seeing what you're working on.


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