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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Amazing Grace

I have always loved amazing grace, it is a powerful and moving song, if you love it like I do, you will be mesmorized by this version by ll Divo, WOW is all I have to say... hear for yourself!

Tomorrow starts the online Old Fashioned Christmas craft show, I am working to get my items ready to post tomorrow, be sure to check out all the blogs who are participating.

So far the response to the giveaway has been great! Thank you to all my new followers... I know that many of you also have giveaways going on right now, just as soon as things calm down in the next couple of days or so "I am so busy", I will go on, visit your blogs, and enter YOUR giveaways AND post them here!!


  1. Wow, Jody! That was awesome! I may have to post that on my Blog! Thanks for sharing! Kim

  2. I love this version of Amazing Grace, too! Just beautiful! ♥


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