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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Snowman Ornaments and Mr. Sparkles

Here are my latest OOAK Snowman Ornaments! They were hand sculpted in clay over a foam core, painted in acrylics, sealed, then mica flakes, glass glitter and a dusting of glamour dust sprinkled on top. The sticks are wood. These were made to have a vintage look to them, and if you haven't guessed, to look like lollipops! They will be for sale soon on Etsy.

Here is another newly finished snowman, he is one of Country Whims newer patterns "Mr. Sparkles", he is such a cutie too! He is made on an old antique spool, his buttons are cinnamon stars I made by hand with the recipe you can find here. I could not find proper sticks for arms, so I took wire, twisted them, then covered them in floral tape. I then painted them,  added a coat of glitter, I think they make wonderful stick looking arms, and the best part is they are positional. He has a bell handing from his right arm, a vintage looking tag hangs from his plaid scarf. And what snowman would be complete without a ton of mica flakes, and perhaps some glamour dust!  He will be for sale soon on Etsy...

In other news, I have entered into an Old Farmhouse Gathering Ornament giveaway, each participant enters an ornament, so the winner goes home with at leat 12 to trim the tree. This will be so neat because it will be a combination of different artist work, now how much fun is that. I will let you all know when you can enter, and how to do it soon. I need to figure out yet what exactly I will be entering.

I honestly wonder how I get anything done at all, editing pictures, making ads and adding them online takes so much time I hardly have time to create... I know I am my own worst enemy though, I am WAY too picky about pictures and edit them all beyond what I need to. Well, I guess I should do something domestic like cook dinner...


  1. Your snowman ornaments turned out just beautiful! And, I love Mr. Sparkles...another great creation! You do such beautiful work, Jody!


  2. I love your blog and your creations are just adorable! I am in the tree decoration giveaway at OFG too! I can't wait to see everyone's designs, Valerie


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