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Friday, October 28, 2011

Prim Snowman just finished. Too many Christmas Cookies?

Here is my newly finished tubby snowman! he is a cutie patootie! Does the words Weight Watchers come to mind here? LOL he is so fat!! I do think he has over indulged in a few snacks too many. 

His body was constucted from a Country Friends pattern, I then sculpted my own ooak head, so technically I cannot say this is a ooak piece, only the head is my original. The rest of course is handcrafted by me and my interpretation of Country Friends wonderful snowman pattern. I am at odds with this one, I am torn because I need to get my item for PFATT in Nov. done, so am not sure if I will save it for then, or list on ETsy now??? If I list now, I had better get myself in gear and get another one done by the 7th, am wondering if that is possible at this point, sigh.....

Here is the full view of my sad snowman! he is done on an antique spool, and he holds a large snowball. He will be for sale soon....


  1. What delightful snowmen. Both are adorable and charming.

  2. Jody, Jody, these are so cute! The fat one and the sad one! How can you choose?


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