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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Prim Snowman and Candy Cane idea!

My Sunday has been a full one, I am working hard to at least get as much done as I can for the Holidays, yes, I should have been at this way before now! Well, here is my sweet Snowman Make Do! I think I am in love with this one, which is why I guess when I sell those things I am especially attatched to, it feels like I am selling my first born child! Well, that may be a "slight" exaggeration! :-) He will be for Sale on Etsy.

He was made on an old antique spool I purchased in Montana, sheesh I wish I would have bought more than 3 of these since I see now how great they are! His rusty snowflake I found in my stash, and yes I only have one, and NO I have idea where I got it to buy more, isn't that the way it goes? His head is a clay sculpted gourd, scarf is stained cheese cloth, he also has a cute prim hang tag. Of course like all my snowmen, he has been dusted with mica flakes and glass glitter.

Candy Cane Idea!
These chenille candy canes are great for an added accessory in a snowman's arms etc... but I wanted to come up with another use for them, so here is what I came up with today. Make the candy canes , the recipe for making them is here on my blog. Hot glue two together in the middle area, glue three sprigs of berries around the candy canes, keep the glue in the middle area as well so the ribbon can cover it. Take two pieces of complimentary ribbons and tie in the center. I then sprayed the berries and ribbon with spray adhesive and added a sprinkle of Glamour Dust. I made a tag with my cricket and added a picture of an old world santa, glittered that  and it's all done! I think I may sell a few of these on Etsy too, we'll see, they are kind of fun don't you think? I can see them on a tree, a coffee table, a wall, a special package tie or whatever you can come up with. Who knew Chenille could be so cute! Really, once you coat them in mod podge and put all that glass glitter on , you can't even hardly tell it started out as a chenille stem.


  1. Hi Jody, what a beautiful snowman, wonderful face! You are so good!

  2. I love your snowman. He's got the cutest face.

  3. I've been telling tyler to steal one of your cute little snowmen and give it to me because i LOVE them. This one is my new favorite! Love your work, Jody :)



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