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Sunday, October 2, 2011

In the mood for FALL!

The wonderful colors and feel of Fall is right around the corner, I can see tidbits of change everywhere. I absolutely love Fall, nice temps, crisp, colorful, pumpkins, apple pie, pumpkin bread and hot cider!!!

Here is a sneak peek at a very whimsical scare crow I am almost done with, but not quite. This picture is a teaser, you'll see the rest of him soon. I am wanting to put him on my Pfatt page this month. I have to make him a crow or two yet and other finishing touches. He is a cutie, makes me think twice about putting him up for sale!

Doesn't this sweet little girl just ooze cuteness! She was the perfect picture of Fall.

Here is the yummy Kringle I made lately, it is soooooo good, especially if you love almond. This is an easy recipe, and so good for company. This was passed down from my Mother, I will share the recipe here in my recipe link, look for it in the next couple of days...

In other news, I have posted the link for an up-coming Old Fashioned Christmas Online Craft Show! Check it out, there are already so many ladies who will be in this. You will be able to shop on all the participating blogs, and actually purchase from each one. I am going to try my best to get some extra things done to post here myself and have for sale for this event. Stay tuned.....

I just have to say, I am loving the idea of using cinnamon rubbed into various fabrics to help give a nice primitive look. I have used this method several times lately and LOVE it, used it on my new scare-crow too! Try it yourself, I like to mist the area first with a mixture of coffee and vanilla, then rub in cinnamon and let dry! Your project really smells like something to eat!


  1. I really love that scarecrow,can't wait to see him all finished.

  2. Hold the bus, I wanna get on! I love your crafts :o) Your scarecrow, is that 2D or 3D? It really looks awesome.
    Now that's the cutest lil punkin' I've ever seen.
    I'm so glad to have you on our OFG team, welcome to the farmhouse:o)


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