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Friday, October 14, 2011

Gourds And Clay

Here are some projects in the making! I am starting to pull out my gourds again, when I say again, I mean that a couple years have gone by since I have done much with my gourds. I have a love for gourds, love the shapes, feel, look and simply everything about them! I have a wonderful collection of gorgeous gourds, just waiting to be painted on, sculpted on or whatever comes to mind. I have done santas and snowmen on them mostly.

The two I have started here are two of my smaller gourds, what you see here is the raw sculpt drying, I love LaDoll clay, so that is what I use most for these type of sculptures. The larger one will be a snowman, he is on an antique spool, I will make him a felt hat, and  can see in my mind's eye how cute he can, and will be. I know he looks funny now with his face being so differently colored than the natural gourd, but when painted, you will never be able to tell. The gourd on the right is a woodland santa, am not sure how I will paint him yet, but it will come to me. He "might" be my Trim The Tree OFG give-away  donation, this will be soon and I promise to let you know all the info. here! This type of creating is my favorite, no patterns, just clay and watching something come to life from it, how wonderful is that? Stay tuned for the unveiling of these projects finished.

Gourds need a long growing season in a fairly hot climate, need lots and lots of water. Once harvested, they need approximately a year to dry before they can be crafted on. They are all moldy and ugly once they have sat to dry. You know they are ready when you can hear the seeds inside shake about. The mold can be removed with steel wool and a bleach solution.

Okay, so this is a completely different topic, but how gorgeous are these nails for the Holidays? I just love them, however my nails need to look nicer before I get them painted.

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