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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

More lollipops

I wanted to share pictures of  more lollipop ornaments in the works, these are so much fun! As you can see in the top picture, I have several started, I need to sculpt faces, paint wood lollipop sticks and finish, these little guys take longer than one might think. I started the snowman today, he is still drying here and won't get his personality until paint and embellishments are added. The magazine pictured here is where I got my inspiration for making these, it is an 2009 Holiday Crafts Better Homes and Gardens, so if you have one, pull it out and try it! I love taking the clay and making it swirl, and I really love how adding a third color made it even more fun! I am not sure yet what I will sculpt on the brown/green combo or the yellow combo??? maybe one will be a pumpkin face! I was even thinking about a gingerbread face for the yellow, still not sure, it has to hit me yet...
Okay, this is totally unrelated, but how is it possible for a picture to just appear in a picture file on my computer? I went into my photos today and there was a picture of a lady I have never seen before in my life, what in the world!! she was creepy too, made my skin crawl. Okay, so later I went in to show my hubby and son, and it had disappeared, I am completely baffled, and there is a definite creep factor here. Has anyone else had this happen?


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