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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

More lollipops

I wanted to share pictures of  more lollipop ornaments in the works, these are so much fun! As you can see in the top picture, I have several started, I need to sculpt faces, paint wood lollipop sticks and finish, these little guys take longer than one might think. I started the snowman today, he is still drying here and won't get his personality until paint and embellishments are added. The magazine pictured here is where I got my inspiration for making these, it is an 2009 Holiday Crafts Better Homes and Gardens, so if you have one, pull it out and try it! I love taking the clay and making it swirl, and I really love how adding a third color made it even more fun! I am not sure yet what I will sculpt on the brown/green combo or the yellow combo??? maybe one will be a pumpkin face! I was even thinking about a gingerbread face for the yellow, still not sure, it has to hit me yet...
Okay, this is totally unrelated, but how is it possible for a picture to just appear in a picture file on my computer? I went into my photos today and there was a picture of a lady I have never seen before in my life, what in the world!! she was creepy too, made my skin crawl. Okay, so later I went in to show my hubby and son, and it had disappeared, I am completely baffled, and there is a definite creep factor here. Has anyone else had this happen?

Prim dolly

Here is a sneak peek of my newly finished doll. The rest of her will be revealed when I have better pictures. This little chicken goes with this sweet doll. This little doll has a round head construction, haven't done too many of this type, but I like the look. She is a paint over cloth doll, love the look and feel of this technique, on top of the paint job is an antique wash. Her clothes were aged with coffee, vanilla and some cinnamon, yes she smells like a vanilla cookie! She will be for sale soon...
 In other news..... 5 of my photos I entered into our local fair won ribbons. I had one grand champion!! 1-reserve which is just under grand, 2- firsts, and one second. Needless to say I was excited about that!! Happy Tuesday...

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Too cute!

Yes, I know I am partial, but I can't think of anything cuter than my puppies and my son with his adorable girlfriend!
Kirsten And Tyler
Maizey and Ellie

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Cookie Jar

Take a look at the cookie jar I found on Etsy today, I love vintage cookie jars and was excited to find this one. I had found one like this a couple years back at a second hand store, but it had a huge chip in it so I did not purchase, but this one appears to be perfect. I think it is a 70's jar. Do I need it??? well no, about as much as I need a hole in my head. I don't know where I'll find room in my kitchen, but gosh darnit I just had to get it, how cute is that tiny teapot on top of the big one???

Perfect weather

What a great day! the weather was perfect, not a cloud in the sky, not too hot, slight breeze at times, simply perfect. When I first got up this morning however, I did feel hint of what felt like a crisp fall morning, NOOOOO this is still mid August!! It was not my imagination, it was crisp and usually it is not, hmmm I am not ready yet... Maybe it was a fluke, we'll see tomorrow. I think the snorkeling, swimming and sun-bathing better get done now. :-(

I have a new doll started! I do wish the mysterious swelling in my right hand would go down however, it hurts and is keeping me from diving into projects right now. This doll is a round head doll, I have not done too many of this type, but wanted to try a different style. She is fabric, painted in gesso, then painted in acrylics. So far she is a brown eyed baldy, :-) and has a bit to go before the word "cute" will apply.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Happy August

Well we just got back from a week's vacation in Missoula Montana. We had a great time, and I absolutely loved Missoula, what a wonderful place! The town was pretty, clean and had a wonderful feel about it. We went into Hamilton Montana and visited the Daly mansion, loved that too! Went to many antique shops and had fun exploring and relaxing. The mountains with thier jagged peaks are so spectacular to see, Montana truly is beautiful.

My sleepy snowgirl and lollipop ornaments are officially for sale today on Pfatt. Be sure to check out the link to my August offerrings on Pfatt, I have pictures posted. Click on my Pfatt link to go directly to my selling page.

Going out today with a friend to take some pictures, we both love photography, so these outings are always enjoyable! I do feel a bit like this sleepy bear today however!!

 I can't believe that those of us who create really need to get in gear now and start sewing and crafting for the Holiday's, it comes way too quickly. I usually end up with bigger plans than actually happens!

Happy August All!!!


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