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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

mixed feelings...

The fourth was nice, got to spend it with my hubby, son and a wonderful friend and his two kids, it has been low key and relaxing. I miss my family during any holiday though since I now live too far away for it to be convenient to celebrate together. I have so many blessings and can feel so sad at the same time!

I am thinking of my Mother today, she is enduring a major surgery, and another one Thursday of all things. This will be a hard road for her and the family, she will get through with God's grace and help, not to mention the many prayers from so many caring people, I am trusting that. Watching a loved one go through such difficulty is very very hard especially when that someone is your Mother. We need to hug our parents and tell them we love them, we just never know when things may go terribly wrong.

It is wonderful to see the gorgeous day and the sun shining so brightly, but at the same time it doesn't seem right that my heart can be so heavy, and the sun just keeps on shining as if it doesn't care. Life goes on regardless doesn't it... The world keeps on spinning, the sun keeps on shining.

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