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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Misc. news and conversation...

I have three new projects in the works, I will try to get some pictures of them in the process soon. I have two ornaments and a snowman going. All three projects are OOAKs. I am always excited to see new projects come to life! The two ornaments are inspired by a picture I seen in one of my magazines of vitage looking lollipops with clay sculpted faces on them, so so adorable! The snowman is an idea born in my head, I got to sculpting the little face and got the notion to sculpt it yawning and eyes closed. Who says snowmen don't need a nap anyway!

Two new items will be for sale on PFATT tomorrow...

The other night I went out with camera in hand to perhaps get a butterfly, but unexpected blessings do happen! I turned the corner to find this darling racoon. I got many many pictures of him, and for those who love photography, will understand when I say I was giddy after coming across this photo op.

I am relieved and thankful that my Mother is doing as well as can be expected after her sugeries. Now the tough road of recovery awaits her, there will be much pain, but hope of healthier days ahead!

Blessings to you on a beautiful Saturday!

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