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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Lollipop ornaments

Well I am back, I not only got my snowgirl done today, but also these charming lollipop ornaments! They are both made of clay, wood dowels, paint, ribbons and lots of detail! They are finished off with a sprinkle of mica flakes for sparkle. These are not made from a pattern , so no two will be alike. They are quite large so not only will they make wonderful ornaments, they would lend themselves to that perfect spot on a wall. They will be for sale soon....

My inspiration for these charming ornaments came from a Better Homes and Gardens craft book. The snowman in the book is much like the one I did here, and is a Johanna Parker design, I simply loved it and could not wait to recreate it myself! I also thought this idea lent itself well to other characters, I came up with this witch, and may see about others down the line, we'll see how much time I have! I love how the clay swirls when mixed together, don't we all love those swirl lollipops, we all had them as kids. Here they are

If I were to guess what he is thinking by the expression, I would have to say he is ready to scream: EEEWWW, PLEASE DON'T LICK ME!!!!  Tee Hee....

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