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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The almost 50 "thing"

I have been in a slump lately, it's this "thing" I cannot put my finger on, but this "thing" has been waiting for me , ready to steal my joy almost everyday, SIGH... I will get past it, but I have felt crippled to it for awhile now. Oh the joys of being female, and one who is 48 and pushing 50, I can feel the whisper of trying things to come breathing down my neck. I want to climb out of the hole, I have so much to be thankful for! I have been bad about posting here because of it. :-(  I am sure there are many who know what I mean, and have already met the "thing". We put on our pleasant faces, all the while we have a storm brewing just beneath the surface...

I have managed to be in my craft room, although the normal enthusiasm hasn't been there of late. My creating is wonderful therapy, losing myself in it is wonderful, and many many hours can slip by without my noticing. I really do want to share pictures of my three latest projects, and plan to soon.

 I am trying to figure out what my sleeping and yawning snowgirl will be wearing, I am playing with making her a coat, figuring out the trims and what she may hold. Her face is so so adorable, even I am surprised sometimes at my things as they develop. I perhaps will create a pail full of snowballs, or a tired day of shoveling, even an armful of candy canes might fit the bill!

My Fall and snowman lollipop ornaments turned out cute cute cute! I can see I will need to make many more! I promise pictures to come!

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