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Thursday, June 16, 2011

OOAK clay sculpted snow girl candle holder

Here is my latest finished project, for before and after pictures go to "what's cooking in the craft room", plus see the start to my newest candle holder

. Meet Francine, a happy OOAK sculpted snow girl candle holder. I know it is not snow season, but I was in the mood to make her after I got the idea. I know there are those who collect snowmen anytime of year.

She has a knit hat, bow and button, sprinkled with vintage looking mica and german glass glitter, the light in her eyes are swarovski crystals, she is on a sparkled base and surrounded by a feather collar. The candle holder is votive size, or a tea light would be nice too! The picture does not show how pretty all the sparkles really are.

 I am thinking about doing a whole series of these, perhaps a witch, a pumpkin, cat, ghost, scarecrow, gingerbread etc... Who doesn't love a cute way to burn a candle anyway?  

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  1. What a wonderful snow lady! I love her! you never can start early enough for winter projects.


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