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Saturday, June 4, 2011

My confession...

I have an addiction.... I am a supplyaholic, my love for supplies has been going on now for 23 plus years. I keep telling myself I will be better about this, yes even sell some on Ebay! Okay I tell myself, will I really use this??? I really should clean out my things. NO I WILL NOT stop at Michaels next town trip, and cetainly not Hobby Lobby. But why? why is there shame in having so so many wonderful and beautiful things?

 I have a small store's worth of arts and crafting doo-dads, everyone of them purchased with great anticipation of what one day it may become. I love finding these things, shopping for them, dreaming about what project they will help along. For those who don't completely understand us creative types, may find this crazy, this includes my husband who would love for me to pare it down. This I believe is part of being creative, not just in the making of the art, but in gathering the supplies and then dreaming.... Fact: I have so many gourds, that I have 5 huge blanket type moving boxes FULL of unique and gorgeous gourds. I have had to stop looking on Ebay at these, after all, each one is different, and surely I will need each shape for future use. I do get all warm and fuzzy inside just knowing I can at any time I want, open a box and grab a gourd to create on. Sometimes it is just in the knowing you CAN........ smiles.....

I love actually making my dolls etc.... but I get an almost equal amount of pleasure in sifting through my drawers, boxes and shelves of supplies. There is this happy place I cannot explain while being surrounded by craft supplies, just picking the items up, looking at them, admiring each thing for it's color and texture. I forget what a box may contain, and months later go back to it, and with delight had forgotten I had something. When I am stressed, upset or have had a bad day, no Excedrin is needed, all I have to do is go to my craft room, and there is a calming I cannot explain, just sitting there surrounded by fabric, paint, glue, thread on the floor, patterns strung out from here to there is all the medication I need!

I still have my boxes of doll shoes, paints, eyes and all the things associated with it from my porcelain doll days. I vowed I would put them on Ebay, BUT I still love looking at all the little shoes, patterns and things, I will, but not just yet.... WHAT IF I may need or use them someday???? Oh you should see the beautiful laces I have from the days of making all those fancy porcelain doll dresses!

I think instead of getting rid of things, I just need to organize better??? YES THAT MUST BE IT!! As I write, I have more supplies coming, that I definitely NEED, and more patterns, I am a patternaholic too, love them for ideas and dreaming.... Sigh... can't wait! The small guilt, "yes small" of yet buying more supplies is what got me to writing this I guess, but surely I will find room for a few more fabulous things!  I look with anticipation as the UPS man drives by, will he stop today with my priceless treasures?

Now you know a little something about me...

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