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Monday, June 20, 2011

Country Life...

Welcome to a beautiful Monday! we are finally looking at sun, mostly though, we have been looking at rain. This has been the rainiest June I can remember for a long long while, the upside is that everything is so spectacularly green.

Sometimes I forget just where I live! I am way off the beaten path, a neighbor scattered here and there, but mostly vast area. I know there is lots of wild life here, I have seen, turkey, deer, moose, coyote, raccoon, beaver, wolf and every other kind of thing.  Yesterday I had a reminder that there are those mysterious lurkers, those that we would prefer not know are there! I really do try to push it out of my mind that right here at any given time there are bear and mountain lions too.

I am okay really with all of the above, EXCEPT the mountain lions, it horrifies me to know they are HERE. We have many archery targets out back, they are life sized, and yesterday we discovered that a mountain lion had grabbed our big buck target probably thinking it was real and pulled it down. On the target are BIG claw scratch marks on the upper back and around the lower neck area. Okay, shivers..... I now refuse to go walking out back without my hubby and protection!! I love nature, but am not too fond of nature that may or may not want to eat me!!

Okay, now back to the crafts...

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