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Friday, April 29, 2011

Spring is here "I think"

Wow, we finally got to see the sun for part of a day today, I am really in need of spring to be officially here already. The birds are out in force, so that is a good sign!

I just have to share this bit of info. for all who are interested. In all the years I have been sewing, I cannot imagine going all this time without this super wonderful new tool I have!!!!! Stuffing has just become so so much easier. I recently bought two Barbara Willis stuffing tools, the small and large, I am in awe at how wonderful these things work. These nifty tools allow you to shove stuffing easily into any size space, I will never do my stuffing without them again. These are my new favorite, cannot do without, tools. I found them on and you can get them from dollmakers journey on the doll net site. LOL sounds like I am a sales rep for Barbara Willis doesn't it! I am just a happy camper is all.

I have just started a "Baby Bloomers" doll, I need to come up with some inspiration on what nifty thing to display her in. Could be a flower pot, old antique tea pot, over sized coffee cup, hmmmmm, just don't know but will clue you in when I know!!

Night for now.....

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