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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Bunny Update

Well, here is the bunny status as of today! I am thinking hard as to what this little gals name will be???? anyway, she is 13 1/2" tall, and is now at least mostly clothed. I just finished draping the dress on her, wow what a messy affair. I used a cloth clay, dipped the fabric in it, and needless to say, I also dipped my entire studio in cloth clay, SIGH... She will need to dry before I begin to paint and add more detail, this is the first time I have used this fabric clay for clothes, I am excited to see the results.

I can't wait for the painting, that is my favorite part, this is where she will come to life! I will even be able to paint her dress once dry. Her arms are only partially sculpted now, this is so I can figure out in the end how I want her posed. I may just put that baby in a big old purse hanging off mama's arm, what do you think???

Here she is, she is coming right along, I will also give you a peek at babys head. Her pregnant belly is not as pronounced as I had originally thought it may end up, but you can still tell.

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