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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Bunny Is Done!

Her name is Jessamine Clover and her daughter Gilly. I am happy with how she turned out! Just like a good novel you don't want to end, this is kind of what it was like to see this project end, it was a lot of fun. I guess this means I have to start another one. Here is a picture of her, go to my prim nest page to see her ad and even more pictures.


  1. I just discovered your blog, wonderful, you are such a talented lady, I love everything.

  2. You patterns are adorable. I look forward to spring so I can get outside smell the fresh air, work in the yard and play with my two new feral cats.

  3. Eu amei amei tudo em seu blog! Suas artes são simplesmente perfeitas que Deus lhe abençoe e abençoe toda sua família que possas sempre continuar a criar essas maravilhas! Parabéns já sou sua fã és muito especial e linda!!! De sua amiga do Brasil, Eliane Lemos


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